Abdominal Pains

I'm 6dpt 4dt and am experiencing quite a lot of stomach cramps and lower back pain. It's been happening on and off for the last few days but always suffer like this before my AF. (Although it does feel more central than normal and it's not normally for this long). Has anybody else experienced pains like this and had a BFP? Trying stay positive but feeling pretty negative at the moment. x

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  • Yes yes yes! Is your natural period due? I had AF pains when mine was, it was so bad I woke my hubby to tell him I was sure it hadn't worked! Are you taking progesterone as I think these made me mega crampy. Mine stopped when I stopped these! I'm 17 weeks now but found the first 10 weeks so very stressful! Good luck I hope you get your BFP xxx

  • Congratulations😀. it's due on Wednesday and my test is due Thursday. I am taking progesterone- hadn't actually thought about the impact of this to be honest. Every day I expect see spotting and feel so relieved when I don't. I wish you well for the rest of your pregnancy xxx

  • It was only when I stopped the progesterone tablets at 8 weeks that I realised the effect they had been having - cramping and severe breast pain. Fingers crossed it's your turn xxxx

  • Hey Hun,

    I'm 7dp5dt and I was up all night last night with stomach cramp... Now this is what I'm telling myself! Although the I believe that it's too last now for implantation cramping it can be caused by the uterus expanding?? I have no idea if it true or if I'm right but that's what I'm telling myself also I'm sure I only really get cramps literally hours before AF arrives and it's been way too long for that not so I'm sure she would of showed her ugly face by now I'm hoping anyways! Good luck lots and lots of baby dust xxx

  • Good luck to you too 👶😘😀

  • Thanks hun😘 xx

  • We r at exactly the same stage and I was woken at 0130 this morning with horrendous cramps. I had a BFN this morning as I caved in and bought a digital test yesterday. Not feeling very hopeful!!! my actual test date in Wednesday. Good luck xx

  • I'm so sorry to hear that. It is still quite early though so you could still get a BFP on Wednesday. Good luck to you xx

  • Yeah Hun it is quite early! I think it's something like 55% (I could be wrong with that guess lol) of cases detect pregnancy before first day of period so don't loose hope yet!!! I'll be testing everyday from OTD until AF comes if I get a BFN it's not over till I get both 😬🙈🙏🙏 good luck keep positive and lots of baby dust 😘🍀👶 xxx

  • Hi boothy1883, I found that it felt quite like I'd pulled a muscle in my stomach, like you say quite central. It felt different to AF cramps somehow. I got my BFP last week. Good luck!

  • Congratulations👶😀 I wish you well for the rest of your pregnancy xx

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