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Period pains 😣

My 2 ww ends Wednesday but I've got all the symptoms of my period coming I even woke with period pains this morning no bleeding yet though but in my head I feel like it's already over.

Thursday work sent me home in such a state cause I'd convinced myself I had signs of period.

This is mental torture I don't know how you lovely ladies carry on doing this time after time.

Trying to stay positive but so tough.

Just neefed to get this off my chest x

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I had period like pains during my 2ww and I now a few days off having our much longed for baby. Good luck xx


Congratulations, thank you for giving me some hope again you just panic at the first sign of cramps and think the worst x


Period symptoms are all normal during 2ww. It doesn't mean the worst. Your body has been thru a lot so things could be settling down in there, or little embie getting cosy! There's no reason at this stage to think it hasn't worked. Good luck xx

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Thank you, I expected to drive myself crazy with looking for every pregnancy symptom but I'm the oposite drive myself crazy with every period symptom.... nice to know that signs arent always bad.

Good luck with your journey x


Oh hon, I remember it like it was yesterday and am dreading going through it again this month. It's just so so hard to stay positive when every twinge and every time you use the loo you're terrified that it's your period.

I really feel for you

Sending you ask the luck in the world and a huge hug x

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Thank you, yeah that's exactly how I feel and then you feel bad for been negative.... it would be nice to have a crystal ball to know it's all going to be worth it in the end.

Good luck with your treatment and your 2 ww xx


I had such bad period pains I woke my husband to tell him that it hadn't worked! Now waiting for those pains again as I am due to give birth any day! Hang in there xxx

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Awww that's lovely good luck with your birth I bet your dead excited.

Thank you I will just keep hoping and praying it's worked xx


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