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What a rollercoaster

Back to work Monday after 3 weeks off due to medical miscarriage after losing at 8 weeks. I have my good days and bad days. Scared of going back to work incase they don't allow me to try again as they may be worried I will be off again if unsuccessful. We have a follow up consultation in a couple of weeks, me and my husband have decided to try again in November if we can and if we have the money as we are private. We don't want to wait until next year as I don't want to have bad memories of my 30th birthday in February and I don't want to spend my 2nd wedding anniversary in March like I did last March where I was in the middle of the 2ww of our first attempt therefore I was celebrating in limbo. Therefore I would have to wait until April next year which is too far away, which is why we have decided to attempt in November with the hope of having good news before Christmas.

We have started telling family and friends that we have miscarried now makes it feel more real. Some days I'm fine and others I want to curl up in a ball and shut the world out. Such a rollercoaster of emotions, hope you are all doing ok x x

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Sending my love..

Just have to take one day at a time I suppose.

I've got to go back Tuesday after nearly five weeks off due to medicated miscarriage and I'm starting to have anxiety about if I'll cope as work with babies and young children xx


Feel for both you lovely ladies. Lost first twin at only few wks, but our daughter was born at just over 17wks on 11th July. Been off work ever since, and I too work with children Jupiter1234, but strangely it's not the kids but the other mums/bumps we see all day that scares me (and pregnant staff due not far after I was due). I don't know what I'm going to do :(

Loosing 4 pregnancies has really done a number on us over all these years, we've spent our entire adults lives waiting. I'm too praying we start asap, can't bare the thought of going passed her due date without trying again. My GP totally agrees, said our daughter deserves a happy ending and that's to see happy parents. I have to agree with her.

Thinking of you both at this time xxx


Hi Suzanne, I sympathise and understand how you feel. I had a miscarriage three weeks ago at 6 weeks and have only taken a few days off work. Looking back, I should have taken more time off. All I can suggest is to take one day at a time, be kind to yourself and do what you feel you want to do.

I still have my moments of feeling sad and I'm looking into getting some counselling to just get a few things off my chest.

I ended up telling a few people at work, which really helped and has provided a great support.

Sending you lots of love and hugs xx


I hope that your return to work goes OK. My colleagues were really kind and supportive after I returned to work after my second miscarriage. Telling people what happened did make it more real like you say. I found it difficult to understand why some family members didn't or couldn't acknowledge our situation, a simple text saying sorry would have been nice. There will be others at your work who have experienced miscarriage.

Your work can't stop you from trying again, you'll have a valid medical certificate. Unfortunately with infertility we land up having to tell people more than if it was happening naturally!

The waiting aspect is also hard, we've had 4-5 months between treatments for a variety of reasons, and then it all happens quickly.

I wish you all the best.


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