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I'm new to this so not really sure what to write..last May I started my first IVF cycle and 6 embryos fertilised, I had 5 frozen and 1 put back which after that dreaded 2 week wait I found out I was pregnant. 9 and half weeks later there was no heat beat and my heart broke when I miscarried.

In November I went on to have 2 frozen embryos transferred, I almost knew from implantation that it hadn't worked and I was right when I took my test.

March this year I decided to have another 2 frozen embryos transferred, I felt so positive especially on transfer day when the embryologist told me 1 embryo was starting to hatch and ready to be back where it belonged! A couple of weeks ago I had more bad news when I started to bleed on day 13.

I don't want to give up on my dream of becoming a mum but I'm feeling quite defeated at the moment. Id be grateful for any advice anyone has for me x

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  • Oh dear you have had such a traumatic ivf journey.hugs to you.i have only had one failed cycle with no embryos to currently on my second cycle with transfer taking place tomorrow and no embryos to freeze.all i can say is dont give up on other peoples stories here .you will really be comforted and encouraged .you are in the right place.this group really is amazing and is a safe space to be sad ,angry,vent,hopeful,joyful and whatever emotion you can ever feel.miracles do happen .i hope the next time you try will be very positive. hugs to you.

  • Thank you, I'm glad I've found this site definitely feel like I need somewhere to express how I feel and be able to talk to people who 'get it'. Wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow!

  • I know how you feel we are currently on our 5th cycle. I did 3 fresh cycles with my own eggs (1 bfp but lost it) now on 2nd go using DE. It's draining and TBH so fed up of it all now, we are currently looking into adoption aswell xx

  • It's just heart reaching isn't it, I constantly feel torn between looking into adoption and just 1 more cycle of IVF. Wishing you lots of luck that everything works out using DE xx

  • It's just awful and to fail with DE is just another blow. We entered into a multi cycle program with DE so have to use our frozen ones to get our 70% refund if it doesn't we have this cycle we are on plus two more to get our 70% back (which is 11k so to much to walk away from) then it's 100% adoption for us in my heart I know adoption is for us and if by any miracle we do get pregnant I still want to adopt in the future xxx

  • Gosh what a journey your on, I really hope the DE give you some positive and well deserved news xx

  • Hey there, so sorry to read about your loss and failed cycles! It is hard getting so many disappointments. Im off to start cycle 3 (Ive never had any embryos to freeze) shortly. I dont really have any advice, but for me Ive had 5 months in between each cycle which gave me time to get to grips with the disappointment. I guess only you can know when/if you are ready to give it another go. I do think the time helps along with planning a few nice things to do before you start again. Iv just returned from holiday and feel refreshed with lots of positivity (I swear the sun makes me feel great)....that may not last long but ready to get going!! All the best!xx

  • Thank you and it's so nice to read you feel that way about the sun. After every disappointment I'm always like to my husband I need the sunshine or a beach it just makes me feel better! I think your right time does help in a way and because you can try after 3 months with frozen rounds I just keep throwing myself back into it and think this time I've realised I need to take some time to re build myself. Good luck for your next cycle xx

  • Hi πŸ‘‹ We're one fresh and one fet down which was a bfp. Much like yourself, we were told the baby had died at our second scan on the 8th week. We have three frozen embryos left.. Only you can know if you can give it another shot but I just want to wish you luck for whatever you decide πŸ€ And welcome to the group! 😊 X

  • So sorry for your loss, mine was the same at our 2nd scan. Already this group has given me such a sense of belonging, thank you and good luck on your journey x

  • So sorry for your loss hun, good luck on your journey. Everything will fall into place xxx

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