Any idea on progesterone suppositories?

Hi. I had such a lovely reponse to my previous posts I am going to pick your brains again if I can?

I have been using progesterone suppositories since before I had my egg transfer. Last time i did ivf I used the suppositories and found that I lost a lot of them (yuck!) so this time after I put them in, in the morning and at night, I lie down for a couple of hours and have found that I lose hardly any and we have had a bfp(6 weeks today)!! Being able to lie down for a couple of hours each time is a luxury I know many can't have but I stopped working in July so am fortunate enough to be able to do this.

Unfortunately I have a night out on Friday and am worried about how to work the progesterone. Can anyone help me work out which option would allow me to lose the least progesterone?


1. Put suppository in at normal 9pm time and just have to hope for best.

2. Put it in at 5pm and lie for two hours then delay progesterone by a few hours until the next mornin at 7am (14 hour gap)

3. Delay progesterone until 10/11pm and try leave night out earlier. Means a 13/14 hour gap since morning.

I have had a lack of symptoms in the last few days along with feeling incredibly down. So I really don't want anything to jeopardise my chances.

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  • My understanding was enough absorbed after 30 mins laying down-can you not do this?

    Also I think you should take them at the same time each day (most an hour either side)

    The other option they told me was anally as then they absorb straight

    Good luck

  • Hello!

    I was told it to worry about any leakage as there is plenty in the suppository and its absorbed really quickly!



  • I was told if possible lie down for 20 minutes after, to allow to absorb. So I wouldn't worry about the two hours, crikey does that mean you're lying down 4 hours a day! I found the 20 minute rule did the trick for me, and was able to do so before getting ready for work each morning. At night I usually did so early eve and then could get on with my night afterwards. So that was approx. 7am and 7pm each day.

    Best wishes xxx

  • I was told 20 minutes lying down if it leaked too much but to expect it to be like a snow storm and wear panty liners. Not looking forward to them as I had injections in previous cycles, a bit sore but over quickly. The clinic said that I really need to stick to the 12 hour rule but 30 minutes either way is fine.

    Enjoy your night out.

  • Thank you for the response. It's one of the joys of treatment I guess that your life revolves around when and how you take your meds! I think I'll gradually push my timing back over the week and come home early as I do find that any less than an hour lying down and I lose loads.

    Im not sure why they make us use the suppositories as opposed to the injections when there is this added worry with them but they really aren't that bad I guess. Although I'll be delighted to see the back of them! Thanks again.

  • Did most of you ladies have them twice a day? As I have been told to use them once per day (same time as i would have been injecting) and to walk around for 20 mins straight after? 😯 . Have my egg transfer Saturday so hoping I've been doing it right xx

  • I use cyclogest pessaries twice a day. I think they are 400mg. Last ivf I didn't lie down after using them and I found that I lost a lot of them. I know some people suggest that what you lose is not the progesterone but the waxy stuff that acts as a carrier but I was never sure so this time I have taken it to the other extreme and lie down for 1-2 hours (I am getting through a box set!). I feel this way I lose less, although you always lose something as the day goes on.

    If you read some posts some people don't get given any progesterone and there seems to be differences for how long they take it for. I don't think there is any set way to do things.

    If you are worried I think you can get a blood test to check your progesterone levels. I know it's not something my nhs clinic offer but I'm sure if I was worried they may do it or it may be available privately.

    All the very best for your transfer and onwards!

  • Follow the advise from your clinic as it seems different clinics have different protocols. If you're unsure check with the clinic.

  • Thank you yes I checked my box and mine is clearly once per day and to walk for 20 mins and I haven't found that I've really lost much. I'm on crinone 8% each one has 1.125g gel so I guess that explains why I only have the one. Thanks ladies.panic over 😊 Xx

  • I'm using Cylogest twice a day and was told that it is absorbed within 20 minutes. You can insert them in the vagina or bottom but it's easier to hold them in your bottom and they absorb really quickly. I was told not to insert them in my vagina before ET as they can cause mucus to build up so I've just continued to use bottom as seems to work well. Sorry of this is TMI! The things is ladies have to do!

    Good luck x

  • Good luck everyone. . Its a hard journey

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