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Trying again, advised waiting time?

As some of you will have seen, we had icsi earlier in the year but our daughter was born too early from placental abruption at 17.5wks.

Due to my age and OH infertility issues, we know starting as soon jp possible gives us the best chance of success of having another child.

Has anyone been advised how long they must wait before trying again after late miscarriage/stillbirth?


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Hello honey, I had a mc end of May, at 16 weeks. We weren't really told very much about trying/not trying again, only that best to wait till first period just so you know things are returning to normal and can work out dates. Mine came on 30 days after the mc and we've been trying ever since. Any literature I've read doesn't say to wait several months or anything like that, I think it's just knowing when your cycles have returned. Lots of love to you xx

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Thank you for replying, and I'm so sorry for your loss hun.

The consultant who gave us our daughters postmortem results and my test results said you can technically start trying as soon as you've stopped bleeding, but like you, no one gave us any info on this until we really pushed for answers. A lot of ttc sites recommend waiting 1-3 cycles for dating purposes, but struggling to find info on those who have had Ivf and needing to start again for scratch.

Are you having any treatment at all hun or trying naturally? We have our follow up appointment with fertility clinic in a weeks time, it's just all taking so long to just find out what our options are.

Guess I'm just panicking that they'll say we have to wait.


We've been ttc for more than 3.5 years and was pregnant after IVF. It's the only time

I've been pregnant and we were beyond delighted that it worked first time! Sadly it was not to be- we were told at 12 week scan the baby had fluid in its abdomen. At 13 weeks we saw a specialist and were advised to go back at 16 weeks to do some more tests. The baby died a day or two before the appointment. The investigations showed duplicate chromosome issue. We are waiting to see a geneticist now to see if it's a hereditary problem. We canceled our next visit to the fertility clinic as we're not doing any more treatment till more detail is established - it's been 4 weeks since the referal to the geneticist and 3 months since our loss. The waiting wears you down. I know how you feel at wanting to try again strajght away. We are trying naturally just now but I just know it's never going to happen. I think fertility clinics like you to wait up around 3 cycles too. So sorry for all you've been thru as I see this is not your first loss. xx


I'm so sorry for your loss and long journey, but I understand how you feel, the waiting really does year you down like outsiders would never understand. We know icsi is our only chance really and trying for 9yrs, all the losses, only for our daughter to make it but then die from something completely unrelated and rare is unbelievable.

I've known ladies have much earlier losses and be started back on treatment a month later, but don't know about later losses, I said to my sister the other day that previously it's been "you can try again, be positive" type of approach from doctors, but our daughter being that much bigger changed things, the lady at the clinic didn't want to give me timescales or anything. Had to explain that we need to know what our options are in order to see a future, not giving us any information doesn't help us.

Don't blame you waiting for the geneticist, that's why we chose to have a postmortem because it was very unclear as to why I'd given birth so early. I wanted to know what happened to our daughter mainly, but also our options obviously depended on those results also.

I have my fingers crossed for your upcoming appointments xxx


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