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Thoughts on rest during 2WW

I'm due to have my ET tomorrow and my family and friends are very much "you are doing nothing for 2weeks to give this the best possible chance of working!"

I am naturally an active person, at the gym daily and always on the go at home and feel 2 weeks of doing nothing will probably do more harm than good.

I am a assistant headteacher of children with SEN so am taking an extra week off to reduce stress and mauling that I get at work anyway.

Any experiences, thoughts, suggestions? xx

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Hey Hun,

I'm in exactly the same dilemma i too have ET tomorrow and have no idea what to do!

I've taken this last week and next week off but really worried but the 2nd week of the TTW!

I work in retail in a very busy store which involves lots of lifting stretching pushing pulling being on my feet of at the very least 9 hours a day and a lot of stress as I'm a manager.

I'm terrified of something happening and it's cost me dearly always wondering what if...

My family too are telling me to no go in and relax , not to stay locked up with a duvet wrapped round my belly or anything lol but just go for lunch with family (basically skive lol) but I also don't get sick pay!😔 I feel this is clouding my judgment on what u should do.... 🙈

I'll be stalking ur post to help me come to a decision lol

Good luck for tomorrow...... Lots and lots of baby dust 🍀👶😘 xxx


Good luck to you, I'll be thinking of you while I'm having mine done😀

It is really difficult knowing what to do for the best and you don't want to be seen to be taking liberties either. Not having the reassurance of sick pay either must be an added worry.

I just feel guilty as I've just had 7 weeks off and am now asking for extra time! BUT... We need to remember why we are doing this and our health and the thought of having that baby must be our main priority.

Big hugs for tomorrow 👶😘 xxx

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Yeah I know.... And I feel like if it don't happen and I've gone back... Could it of if I hadn't u know!🙈 this is so important💕

And I'd defo keep my self occupied as my egg collection actually cause me a lot of discomfort this week 😢 and not done a bloody thing!! I'm bored out of my mind! Google has been hammered lol I think like u say I'll just see how I feel I don't want to be a burden at work either so I'm sure I'll just listen to my heart!!!

Good luck babe I'll be thinking of you!!😘 xxx

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Good luck for ET. I'm also a teacher and I didn't take time off during the 2ww as my transfers were on a Friday and Saturday. Yes you've just had the school holidays but if you need time off you need time off, you have got to think about what is best for you. You also need to think about the risks involved with working with children with SEN, especially if you've got children who are physical.

I'm thinking I shall probably take time off after ET but it'll depend on what day transfer is and how I will. My GP will sign me off if needed. I felt unwell after the first transfer so made sure I went home 'early' to rest, I reduced my exercise for the 2ww. My manager is aware of my treatment plan and has given me additional time off work to attend appointments.

Good luck.

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Another teacher here! I've booked two days off each for my approaching EC and ET and said I may take more, they've been great. I think being busy really helps and have read things that say sitting still is not proved to help. Follow your instinct, the job is a hard one to take easy isn't it! Consciously avoid heavy lifting and stressful situations where you can and if in doubt stay home. Hoping I can take my own advice soon.

Good luck to you all xx

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Thank you both for your advice. I agree with keeping busy so have lots of enjoyable things planned for next week to keep me occupied.

I'm in a tricky situation as other than the rest of SMT the staff don't know about the IVF and I really don't want them knowing in case were unsuccessful. I do get called a lot to deal with pupils displaying challenging behaviour and would find it difficult walking away and not helping. Work have been great and it was previously discussed that I might need take 2 weeks of sick leave.

Think I'll probably see how I feel next week and make the decision when term is due start on the 7th.

Good luck to you both xx

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I kept everything business as usual so that I didn't dwell too much, and we got our girl. Sob long as you are not ridiclous I think what will be will be. Good luck.xx


Ask your nurse ladies. My ovaries were still huge (I was close to hyper, but just ok to still go ahead thankfully). Was warned to give anything more than gentle exercise a miss but that was more to do it my ovaries. However, one thing to take into consideration is they advised me to not get too hot, no hot water bottles, no big physical exertion, no hot baths or showers during 2ww, as a high core temp can prevent implantation. I know it feels like forever and you can't stay in bed for the entirety, but remember it's only two weeks of your life so don't fret about taking it easy, you gotta do what you gotta do! Good luck to you all xx

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Hello booths 1883, I worked through the 2ww but I do have a desk job which made things a lot easier. I often have to travel for work but cancelled any commitments and tried to take things easy. I am usually pretty active too but at nights I just lay on the sofa watching box sets! Not doing exercise was one of the hardest bits for me as it's usually how I relieve stress!

Good luck! x

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If your usual job involves lifting, then you must tell your boss or workmates you cannot do this when you return. You could say you have a shoulder problem that prevents it for a while, if you can't tell the true reason. That would get you through the 2 weeks at least. After that & if you are pregnant then you tell the boss right away as everyone knows you can't be lifting heavy things or kids if pregnant. At end of the day it is a job, and your life & future is more important.

I was back at work during 2nd week of 2ww and simply said I had hurt shoulder & seeing osteo (which does happen to me). My job just requires occasional lifting so got another staff member to do so. Best wishes with it all. xxx


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