Czech clinic was way better than my UK clinic even though sad ending

So I've just spent 3weeks in the Czech Republic & the clinic staff were amazing! They didn't just rely on scans but took bloods all the time & changed the protocol to suit my needs. I felt the staff knew what they were doing as set nurses dealt with the pre egg collection & then set nurses dealt with the collection & transfer. (In the UK they seemed to be jack of all trades master of none).

For me though it didn't work, our embryos got to 4days then stopped developing so they are doing a karyotype test on me as often this is a egg quality issue. DH & I are naturally gutted but planned to try again at the same clinic in January. A major difference for us was when we had a miscarriage in the UK following our 1st go the UK clinic offered no sympathy & wouldn't give us a consultation for 6weeks to discuss then didn't want to do any further tests or change any of the protocol.

In Czech we sat down with the doctor & embryologist for 20-30mins where we discussed everything. We were given the other to still transfer but given the odds chose against.

I really hope everyone's clinic in the UK is more like the Czech one than the UK one I went to.

I'm starting my egg quality proving diet now so fingers crossed for jan!

Good luck everyone xxxxx

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  • Sorry to hear this Hun but sounds like the clinic really looked after you. Have you looked in to DHEA? I had to take it 3 months before egg collection to try and improve the quality of my eggs as my low AMH meant I would not get many. The supplements made me gain weight and my hair fell out but I do believe they helped with my egg quality.

    Wishing you lots of luck for the next round xxx

  • Hi MrsDx I read about DHEA today so it was something I was going to look at but defo will now :) all my tests have been 'normal' so currently it's just my way of controlling to look to improve my eggs as I honestly don't know what else to do now. DH has a normal karyotype (but sperm issue) & we used picsi & the clinic said the sperm were great... so who knows :)

    Good luck on your journey xx

  • I know what you mean about needing control. I used accupunture and reflexology too as it's all I could do to help the process. Even made hubby have a few accupuncture sessions lol. He was not happy! Xx

  • Hello, sorry it didn't work out this time but glad you had a good experience on your journey and sounds like your in a positive place for next time πŸ€πŸ’—πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Thanks Button, I definitely was a less stressful experience for me :) good luck to you

  • Hi sorry your ending was sad :(

    Can I ask how much it cost please? It's something we may look into in the future.


  • Hi they had a fee of 2200eur for ICSI or 2380eur for PICSI which is what I had. On top you have to pay for drugs which for me worked out to about Β£800 & then any extras you want such as embryo glue (100eur) or embryoscope (200eur). The clinic I went to also had a 4*hotel attached which was 50-55eur a night including breakfast. I stayed for the full 20nights, which is how long normal treatment takes.

    With us not actually having a transfer they applied a 1000eur discount as well. Clinic I went to was in Zlin, which is a small town but we hired a car & travelled in between appointments.

    Good luck on your journey xx

  • Sorry to hear the go wasn't successful but great to hear you were so well looked after.

    Our consultant prescribed 5mg folic acid to try to improve quality for both of us so that might be worth asking about.

    Good luck for January.

  • Hi pm27, I am currently taking folic acid as part of my prenatal vitamins but I definitely check that I am taking enough as every little helps :) good luck to you

  • Hi Poochi, I am sorry to hear the treatment didn't go to plan but I am glad you had a positive experience with your clinic. Good luck for January! x

  • Aw poochi... I'm so sorry to hear your news. Sounds like you had a good all round experience with the clinic though and that in itself is invaluable knowing you'll be going back there to try again in January. So what does the egg quality diet consist of? x x x

  • The things I'm going to cut out is all caffeine, including decaffeinated, sugar, pop & just drink 3litres of water from a glass (apparently plastic is bad??) I'm going to start taking (along with prenatal vitamins) CoQ10 Ubiquinol - this is CoEnzyme Q10 in its converted form apparently as due to me being 35 my body will find it harder to convert the normal stuff. I'm then going to take L-Arginine and Royal Jelly along with an antioxidant.

    Food wise I'm having no low fat foods, going to hopefully eat mostly only grass feed organic meats / milk. Also going to make a smoothie daily with all the greens in (Spinach /broccoli being key) If I can i'll put a brazil nut in as they are a superfood and I don't like eating them on there own.

    Lots of fibre & whole foods, 2+eggs a day for protein (farm fresh is apparently best) then pumpkin/sesame/sunflower seeds....

    Wow that now reads daunting to me! planning to go shopping on Saturday for everything, just hope I can do it.

    Key thing I will guaranteed do everyday is take CoQ10 & royal jelly as they read like magic pills ha I hope so!

    Good luck to you x

  • All sounds fab poochi! You'll be a vision of health in no time! We'll do anything we can to assist the treatment process us ivf girls. Good home cooking, all back to basics with loads of healthy ingredients. Your hubby is going to luv you even more now :-) x x x

  • Wow that all sounds super healthy. I have made some diet changes and do feel better for it. I also take Royal Jelly and Co Enzyme Q10 along with my pre conception vitamin it was my acupuncturist that recommended them x

  • That's good to know, acupuncture is my next little research task! Not found anyone near me so far that deals with fertility but only just started looking. Good luck xx

  • I stumbled across mine on one of my many Google searches, she specializes in Fertility etc and luckily lives near me.

    I love it and look forward to each session I have, it is so relaxing and helps me feel in control at the moment I go every 3 weeks but once I start my treatment she will advise me of the sessions i need especially around EC, ET etc. She also gives me websites and print outs to look at about my body, diet, rest etc. .

  • Oh that sounds like just what I need, had a look & so far my nearest is 10miles away so going to enquire with them.... x

  • Hello Poochi, I had acupuncture during treatment and loved it. I agree with finding a fertility specialist. The lady I saw worked with a couple of the fertility clinics in our area. She was previously a nurse and health visitor so had medical knowledge and definitely understood the IVF process. I completely trusted her. I (almost) always fell asleep in the session (which I did not expect the first time!) so it's definitely great for relaxation if nothing else!

    Good luck! x

  • Sorry to hear things didn't work out this time, sounds like clinic knew what they where doing and didn't give you false hope.

    I also did Accupunctutre, I found it great, also I stopped spraying perfume on my skin just on my clothes. I drank soya milk instead of cows milk , as cows milk contains hormones, although I still put it in tea . I tried to drink lots of water or fruit teas. Seeds and nuts. Also omega 3 fish oil. I don't know wether it made any difference, but I felt it did. Good luck with your egg making xx

  • Hi Poochi,

    My husband and I are thinking of doing IVF in Prague. Can I ask what company you did the IVF through?

    Did you go out for a consultation before you went out for 3 weeks?

    And what is PICSI?

    Sorry about all questions.



  • They sound brilliant I'm going to look into going over there, because I've heard so many good reviews and IVF in Prague and it's half the price.

    Did the process take 3 weeks?

    I love Prague so I'm happy to stay 3 weeks :-)

    Thank you for answering all my questions, I wish you luck as well fingers crossed your second go will give you your BFP πŸ˜€

    Amy xx

  • We never got to even see Prague so that is on our list for January! It did take the full 3weeks for us as we started on meds day 2 of cycle & it was all timed so I arrived there day 1. We travelled around inbetween appointments so the only thing we didn't have that we needed was a cool box to keep the gonal f cold.

    Also they said that in January we can look at starting the drugs while in the UK if we can get scans & bloods done & reports sent over then we would only need to get there for day 9/10.

    Good luck to you, let me know where you decide to go :) xx

  • Good luck to you poochi. So is Co Enzyme Q10 good during ET and the 2ww too, or only in prep for IVF?

    I'm currently only taking 'pregnacare conception' and a separate Omega 3 fish oil. Do you have any recipe tips or books you are using to get your smoothie recipes? Would be interested to find out more.

    I was told by a herbalist not to take Rhodiola or Echinacea if I might become pregnant, both of which I cut out before my ET. I used to take those two herbs all the time but not advised during IVF. Also important never to take Cod Liver Oil when ttc or pregnant due as it may harm development, too much vit A. Most people maybe knew that but I didn't until I started reading up.

    Best wishes for a glowing healthy you, xxx

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  • Hi, which clinic was this? Thanks!

  • Hi girls, personally think it is the best possible reccomendation of a clinic when smb writes: sad ending but I recommend/I will do my next ivf here. In another forum a girl from Belarus described her first visit in a fertility clinic in Poland in Gdansk, she wrote really long post with a lot of details. In the end she wrote it ended sadly but my next ivf I will do only in that clinic.

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