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Neg tests should I keep testing or stop! 10 years on pill

Here's the thing I have been off pill almost 10 months with only one period in April so getting further test done soon don't know my cycle at all! But feeling dizzy sickly getting up set really easy and the weirdest pain in bell (not a bad pain tho dosnt hurt) not as full on as cramp before a period. So keep taking tests every week and always negative.

I just wondered can I be getting these symptoms because of other hormones changing not because am pregnant cos am so sick of doing a preg tests and feeling down off it!

Just want to know what's going on with my body if am not preg then what is it! Driving me mad!

Thanks xx

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What bloods have they done?

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Just a regular hormone one however when I had a gp appointment to discuss the results I was told because they where done at random The hormones levels were not level but this could be because of the time they where took in my cycle. I also have a fertility appointment to follow up 16 sept.

Didn't really help with why I made the appointment was because of the way I had been feeling dizzy etc!


I get dizzy standing up, it's a combination of very low blood pressure, severe anaemia, and. Very fast pulse. I'm on my final chance of getting these iron supplements to work and then they try something else. Oh, and anxiety attacks make me dizzy and nearly faint. I'm a walking disaster at the moment! Fortunately the anxiety attacks are few and far between.


Thank you for your reply. I have a telephone appointment with my gp on Thursday so if still feeling dizzy going to suggest a blood test as I know my mam has very low iorn so could be that. Many thanks for your help much appreciated xx


Hi, I was on the pill for 15 years and when I came off it I felt quite sick for a few months. Hormone imbalances can caused nausea, I had it quite bad for approximately 6-8 months when I stopped taking the pill, i was having regular cycles but still was very annoying as it made me believe I was pregnant all the time! It got better after a while. I made changes to my diet and tried acupuncture and it got a lot better. I still suffer from it occasionally but maybe 1 or 2 days each cycle instead of 1-2 weeks as I used to. There is this book called the hormone diet that I found quite useful , might be worth having a look. Hope you feel better soon xxx


Hi thank you very much for your reply hoping it might just be my hormones sorting them selves out when I came off pill in Dec it took till middle of april for my first proper period so if there is any sort of pattern maybe my next one will come in sept! (Dosnt feel that way) but never know would love for them just to return on there own so will defo have a look at that book/diet plan thanks again for your advice x


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