Day 10 post transfer on a blastocyst. Light bleeding and neg tests :-(

Looks like it's game over for our first ICSI cycle. Official test day is tomorrow (day 11) but I have started light bleeding(which is how my period normally starts anyway) and tests are negative. Hubby still has hope for tomorrow but I'm completely gutted :-( Everything had gone so well up to now and we just needed some luck. It really is so heartbreaking and cruel.

We have two frozen embryos left over can anyway tell me how the process works? How long do we have to wait to start that process and is there much medication etc?

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  • Belfast1 so sorry to hear your news, take care of yourself. Big hugs xx

    Sorry can't comment on how a FET works xx

  • Thanks Gemma x

  • So sorry to read this Belfast1 it must be gutt wrenchingly awful. Big huge hugs to you.I haven't been through ivf but I think it is 3 months to re cover physically and emotionally. I can't even imagine how hard a process it is. Please don't blame yourself it's nothing you done wrong. Don't give up totally as I've seen ladies on here bleed & heavily and still get a BFP. I really hope that is the case for you. Wishing you the very best and truly hope you get a positive 2morro X

  • Aw please don't give up just yet Belfast1. I know it's hard but stranger things have happened. I had my first cycle of ivf in March and got a BFN on 24th April. I started bleeding about 2hrs before my official test appointment it was absolutely devastating. I'm hoping to have my FET in July, I've to phone my clinic when my period starts this month. According to what I've read they usually like you to have 3 periods before you try again to give your body time to recover from the treatment. I realise now that this is good advice but at the time I would've happily went straight onto my FET. Sending you a big massive hug and keeping everything crossed for you 🌼💛🌼 x x

  • Hi Belfast1, I'm sorry to hear it may all be over this time. I know exactly how you feel, we had 2 embryos that didn't implant at all. I was so upset that I wanted to start straight away and the hospital didn't say I needed to wait. Having waited so long in the first place to start the fresh cycle. In the month between fresh and frozen (no period in between) I was still very up and down but personally it helped me knowing I could start soon again and the frozen cycle was a lot less money, time and no injections, just tablets so it was as if we weren't really doing anything. Unfortunately it didn't work but I just see it all as a learning curve to get a better idea of what's happening and the sooner I get to the answer the better. I'm now waiting a month to start another frozen cycle and can deal with that wait as we're going on holiday and going to spend time doing things we enjoy. Having said all that I'd just go by what your clinic advise, and if they say you need to wait ask what's the reason for the wait. It can certainly help recover emotionally by waiting a month or so but it depends how you feel. We're all so aware of time but if there's a better chance of success by waiting then that sounds best. Hope that helps.


  • Sending hugs! I'm so sorry to hear your sad news... however like what has been said already, it's not over til it's over. Keeping my FC for you xxx

  • Hey my love

    Totally get how you feel we just had a failed second cycle and the the feeling is unexplainable but raw.

    This time round I hated the world and everything and everything in it, I tried to stay strong for hubby as he took it worse than me and me worse than him on the first failed cycle.i know the protocol for going again is either 2 or 3 cycles before FET.

    To say don't give up is so cliché but hold onto what you and hubby have don't let this brake you.

    The rollacoaster journey is probably the same for each of us that get beaten down by the BFN's but uplifted but the miricle stories in the hope that one day it will be us and our story.

    Stay strong, stay positive wishing you luck 😘

  • Belfast1 I remember we had the same EC day and we had the same blastocyst transfer but my test date is on Saturday. I am very excited xx

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