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Christmas Announcement - Should I or shouldn't I

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Hey Guys

Needing some advice on probably the simplest thing ever... my husband and I said we would announce Christmas day when we found out our ivf cycle had worked and I really do have my heart set on the way we want to announce. I will be 11+5 on CD so just shy of the traditional 12 weeks we have had two ultrasounds and both look great heard heart beat both times i know now Risk to Mc is low and that it can happen at anytime but as we get closer to being able to announce on Facebook I'm getting so anxious I've booked in to pay for a ressurance scan 2 days after as everywhere is now closed untill then and my nipt isnt for another fortnight do you think I should still post our news my husband still wants to and a few people know already due to the ivf? Am I just being silly or do you really think I should wait?

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with friends and family and happy new year

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I don’t believe in the 12 week rule last year we told our family and close friends after our viability scan and then had a mmc - I was so relieved they knew so we had support.

If you want to share your news then do, don’t be put off by how many weeks you are.

Oh and congratulations, have a lovely Christmas xx

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Thank you so much e_05 sorry for your loss, I feel so stupid even worrying about something so small but I guess when you go through this whole process and it becomes time to announce to the world anxeity creeps on In thanks again x

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Thank you, no you’re not stupid at all. I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant and have found telling people including friends and family this time so hard, you’re right when you’ve been through so much it’s only natural to be anxious. Take each day as it comes and do what’s right for you both x

I think everyone does their announcements differently put personally I have only told family and friends and not posted anything on social media. I’ll only announce on fb when baby arrives..... good luck with what you decide .... and congratulations xxx

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SME1 in reply to destiny121

Thank you destiny121 congratulations to you also x

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CC2018 in reply to destiny121

Same as destiny for us. We didn't like the idea of using social media. Congratulations xx

Hi! I've just been agonising about this too but we are only 4/5 weeks and just found out we're pregnant ! Not even had viability scan yet but the whole immediate family will be together over the holidays and I would love to announce it jointly with everyone

I feel safer doing it after the scan - but it's close family so even if things didnt quite work out I know they would understand and support me but I guess I don't want to disappoint them too...? Or have it hanging over us in future

I think you are more than in a good position to do so - and if this mostly close family and friends then should be fine...if they are the type of people you would be ok with knowing if something went wrong . It sucks we have to be so cautious when others can be so carefree from day one.

Your baby's pretty independent now and you have the scans to confirm it too

Go with your gut xx

Saya85 congratulations ohh wait untill you see your little one on the screen its such a beautiful moment, I personally think you should go for it aswell your family will be so happy for you and also there if anything was to happen I know what you mean about dissapointing them but I think that's more of us feeling that way that we think they would then feel that way. Christmas time is such a wonderful time of year everyone is so happy etc etc hence why we wanted to do it and theres so many cute ways to announce I think we will just go with it and remain positive hey your so right I know a girl who fell pregnant just like that is still smoking eating whatever doing whatever and here i am worrying about announcing our long awaited pregnancy I should be busting at the seems to get it out there thanks so much for your reply I hope you decided to share your news with family if it's what feels right for you have a wonderful Christmas xx

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Saya85 in reply to SME1

Thanks! We can't wait to see if we are carrying twins aswell!

And you're right - I think I would want to tell my family over the new year and I'm sure things will be fine

I feel more reassured now lol

Good luck with your announcement xx

Firstly, congratulations to you! I am so happy that IVF worked for you. I would say that tell your friends and family members for sure. However, on Facebook, I would say you should wait for a little bit. This is because people that's just a huge platform. Good luck to you. I hope things go smoothly for you. All my warm wishes are with you.

Congratulations firstly! I’m sure they would be over the moon for you, and it is a lovely time to tell them. Like others have said, I’m sure they would also be there for you both if things didn’t work out. You sound so excited- understandably so if you both agree, I’d do it! Good luck and merry Christmas xxx

I’ve told close friends and family each time even with this one which I think we’re going to miscarry again. If you’ve had 2 scans and nearly 12w mc is probably less likely but nothing is ever 100%

Tell people whenever you feel comfortable. I don’t think I could fb announce until after 20w now even if we have no problems.

I'd go for it :)

If you've got a whole plan and have dreamed of doing it a certain way it would be nice to achieve a little dream like that, especially as it's been a difficult journey to get here xxx

For my oh and myself we kept thinking we were going to tell people at certain points and then backing out. We have our 12 week scan today, this morning, and we can't really quite believe it yet. After today we will tell people x

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Snowy76 in reply to Camillage

Enjoy every minute of it!!!! As soon as we saw "pudding" on the screen at that scan we both burst into tears - we'd already had the 7wk scan & knew we had "he" was there but the 12 week one was so special, just seeing "him" moving!!!!

Personally I chose to tell early just the people who I would tell if I miscarried. I chose not to announce on Facebook until baby was born because I know other people who are struggling can find social media pregnancy posts difficult and I didn’t know if this applied to any of my friends.

I and hubbie announced to our wider circle of friends via WhatsApp/messenger on the day of our positive 13 week scan- it still felt like doing an announcement as I could still make it special but it wasn’t as “public” as Facebook.

That’s just my choices. You will know what you are comfortable with doing and I’d say if you’re not completely comfortable then don’t do it yet x

Congratulations hun💝

I’m only 6wks, viability scan is booked for me after Christmas but we will tell close family on Christmas Day.

At first I was reluctant to do so (due to last year mmc) but it’s such a great time and I fell pregnant in this special moment of Christmas time so realised that we should cherish this fantastic festive time 🎄💝🎄🎄🎄

Merry Christmas to all 🎅🎄🎄🎄

Most of our family and friends know, mostly because we’ve always been open about doing treatment and you can’t not tell people the outcome afterwards lol. But I’m glad they know. I’ve had a few miscarriages now and never made it to 12 weeks. Had I kept them to myself then no one would have known my babies had ever existed. And I don’t believe in the superstition over the 12 week rule; telling people before 12 weeks doesn’t cause a miscarriage. So I say tell them!

Merry Christmas 🎄 xx

Ahh I’m at exactly the same point as you 11+5 Christmas Day 🤗 we haven’t got our next scan until 7th Jan so I think I’m going to hold of on social media until then but will tell family and close friends before then for sure. All the best with your pregnancy! ☺️ and Merry Christmas xx

I’d say if it feels right then tell people but only because you want to, not because it’s Christmas!

Have a lovely Christmas xx

Congratulations!!!!! We told very immediate close friends and family early on due to the IVF and what we'd been through but generally waited until 12 weeks and the scan. We told good friends face-to-face where we could and then we announced on facebook when I was 13+5weeks. Go with what feels best for you. If still unsure, flip it and think if you would regret not telling them your good news on Christmas day.

Don't forget to enjoy the day yourself!!!!

Congratulations! We are in exactly the same position. I will be 12 weeks on Christmas Day and my NHS scan isn't until 9th Jan. We have had two scans with our IVF clinic and everything is looking fine. I am planning to tell some of our extended family over the next few days but we won't be posting anything on social media. Happy Christmas!! X

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