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45 Any hope?

Hi, I'm new here and wondered if anyone could give me any words of comfort/wisdom. After a long time I've found someone special and would like to start a family. I'm 45yrs jst had all the tests and seems I have a FSH of 15 then 17.9, and raised prolactin 955. Everything else seems ok, tubes and no PCOS, partners sperm is good also. I've started Bromocriptine and just yesterday started on 50mg of Clomid for 3 months. Anyone in or been in similar situation that can give me any hope as I know the odds are not stacked in my favour 😁

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I say believe and hope....anything is possible there is always that 1 egg that's fights it's way....

Am 40 and in my last attempt.

Good luck xxxx



Not sure if you saw this in the news yesterday but, I think if the boss at M&S can have her first baby at 50 then anything is possible!

It might need a bit of help and you may also need to consider other options including IVF and also donor eggs.

Good luck with your journey! x


I think age is just a number. One of my sisters friends just had a baby aged 46, she had IVF and was lucky enough that it worked first time x

Good Luck xxx


Hi webchick, I'm 42 and currently in my third 2week wait. My tips would be to take good care of yours n hubbys diet and start acupuncture as soon as you can (preferably 3months before trying to conceive). I've been through 8 years plus of secondary infertility and severe endometriosis with both my damaged tubes removed earlier this year.

So I definitely think there is hope.



Hi webchick, my advice would be to go for it!! IVF may be the best route to take. An AMH blood test 1st to check your ovarian reserve would be worth doing.

Many fertility clinics hold open evenings and some have free consultations too so check out clinics near you. Good luck!! :-) x


My work colleague recently had a baby age 47 with no medical assistance to get pregnant, was a wee surprise.....there is always hope x


Hello! Yes, the previous posters are right. Don't give up. All I would say is that to increase your chances, make some lifestyle changes. Go for a walk every day. Drink lots of water. Eat well. Eat regularly. Little alcohol. Little caffeine. Bed early. Routine. Relax. I truly believe that this has enabled me to produce more IVF eggs this time around than last time around, and (per egg capita) more embryos... especially the water part. But don't get OCD about it. If you want a glass of wine, have one. If you want a chocolate bar, have one. Just make sure that you are (if possible) reversing or suspending the ageing process. Get rid of those free radicals. This is my new slant on it. I am 42 (soon to be 43) and am childless. I will be undergoing my fourth IVF round in November... and if I can sell my house, will keep going after that. We are freezing embryos as we progress through our IVF journey. Like you, I am very aware of the prognosis, and given that only 1 in 20 eggs are 'good' at my age, I am aiming for 40 embryos in storage before I start transferring. My methodology is pivoting around the water element of my 'lifestyle' plan, if you see what I mean. Sadly, we cannot conceive naturally, due to a vasectomy and two vasectomy reversal failures, so we will always have to pay... Good luck!


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