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39 Years Old. PCOS. Overweight. Any Hope?!


New to the realm of this forum. And wanted to ask for some fertility advice. A brief summary of my situation:

I'm 39 (40 in June). Been trying for two years after finally meeting the right fella to have a family with. Found out I have PCOS. Finding the whole Insulin Resistance a minefield to understand. Have always struggled with weight. Have been desperately trying to loose weight to put myself in a better situation for baby making. The weight is very stubborn. I'm on 1000mg of Metformin a day to aid ovulation and weight loss. Am on Low GI diet which is hellish and the weight is not shifting as quickly as it should (and I am being an angel!). I have 3 stone to loose to be in a better BMI. GP has advised me I should do this before pursuing fertility help. I am not entitled to any support under NHS so going private. Don't feel that the GP is giving me the right guidance and I'm afraid of delaying the process and getting older although she says I would be at high risk of miscarriage if I did do IVF now. Blood tests all normal.

My questions if anyone has some words of wisdom...

Anyone know a Dietician that could help with insulin resistance and PCOS specialism?

Should I loose weight before going to clinic to start the process - that would take me to age 40.

Private Clinic - I live west of London. Considering Lister in Chelsea - anyone have any tips/ words of wisdom?

Is high BMI (i'm probably 38 BMI) a no no when it comes to starting the process of IVF?

Keeping Sperm in - not to be too graphic but post sex the good stuff tends to come out in a mass. Is it even reaching the egg - could this be a problem?

Any help/ advice would be appreciated. Think the GP has written me off as I am overweight and older. I accept my situation is not ideal but still have hope and am willing to give it my all to have a family. I just need to have a plan which I'm struggling with.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice anyone can offer.

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Hi chickabeme. Hope our conversation earlier was of some help. Thinking of you, and I know others will respond here. Diane

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Yes thanks Diane - was great to talk to you. Trying to get some tips on my list of 'learn more about'



I'm an older candidate too (39, 40 in March - aaarrgh!) and I think people do sometimes make the judgement that we should just have got cracking with having children earlier. Although being older does, statistically, lower the likelihood of a pregnancy, it's not a deal-breaker; plenty of older women have safe pregnancies and healthy babies. They always have done.

Have you tried propping your bottom up on pillows for a few minutes after sex? Gravity might be just the boost you need...!

H x


Thanks H. Yes I am in the right place in life to have a little person. Yes popped up the bum - generally it all comes out with my other half so there isn't even a chance to get the bum up before its out. Need to keep it in somehow.

Hope you catch one soon x


Go to the clinic now. Lister do open evenings. There is one that I know of in london that will consider you at your BMI, inbox me for details as I'm the same BMI as you.


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