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Unexplained infertility - autoimmune disorder?

Hello all

I was wondering if anybody here battling with infertility issues also has an autoimmune disorder. I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos (affecting my thyroid) but no doctor I have seen (3 endocrinologists and 2gps) has made the link of high antibodies having an effect. The ones who are paying any attention to my issues (1 endo and 1 gp) are purely focusing on hormones rather than antibodies.

Has anybody had experiences about this?

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Yes I have Graves (also a thyroid issue). I've been told that this isn't the cause of me not being able to get pregnant but I'm pretty convinced it is as everything is working properly with both myself and my husband so there's no other logical reason for it not happening in my view! x

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Hi Bumbo Sorry to hear that you dont seem to be getting anywhere. I dont personally have Hashimotos nor immune issues however, I have read on forums about others who do. There are definitely 2 camps of belief regarding autoimmune and fertility. My experieince is that after a failed IUI, a failed ICSI cycle and a miscarriage at 7 weeks after ICSI, I wondered if I had autoimmune issues & I read a great book called Is Your Body Baby Friendly? by Dr Alan Beer. After reading it & realising that failed implantation and miscarriage may be caused by immune & blood clotting issues, (I was a midwife so I have some medical knowledge!), I contacted Mr Shehata (a miscarriage consultant in Surrey) who follows the same beliefs as Dr Beer. I had the basic tests done (privately of course!) & altho they all came back negative, he allowed me to follow the protocol, (no-one really argues with a 46 yr old on her 3rd ICSI cycle!!) Did our next ICSI cycle and now our daughter is 4 yrs old. I believe you can get various tests done in the US from the UK, Google Dr Alan Beer, or also in London, Google Chicago Test. I hope this helps and good luck xx


Thank you for your replies. For us, it's just been 3 years of frustration as they can't find anything wrong, well aside from my newly diagnosed Hashimotos! So I can totally sympathise with you Charls28.

Thank you for all the information fertmag! I had a look at the website and we might need to give them a call as I think it'll definitely be worth getting a few of those things checked out! I will also look for the book. I'm so happy you were able to have your daughter, what a blessing! I'm hoping we get our happy ending too as some days I'm so full of hope and other days I think I will never fall pregnant as it hasn't happened so far and the doctors I have seen show so little interest! They just want us to try IVF now but I'm worried if there's something autoimmune within my body not allowing a pregnancy then IVF will be further heartache.


Hello, I have just seen this post . How are you getting on?  My blog is about this: rainbowbabyhopes.wordpress.com


Hi! Not great to be honest. Have had treatment for 3 months and still no luck! I'm not a very patient person ..... had to learn to gather patience out of thin air over the past 4 years :). How about you? I'll have a look at your blog


Did you actually not get pregnant ? Or did you miscarry? 4 years wow may you be blessed with happiness x


Which treatment did you go for in the end ?


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