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Hi. I'm new to this so hello everyone. I am looking for advise on which clinic or which consultant in Northern Ireland is great. I have been in NHS fertility system now for couple of years and the fertility appointments have been delayed now for 5 months. I am looking into going private as I think I will definitely be having ivf and getting really feed up waiting!! And older! I'm 37. Any tips on what to look for?

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  • Hi, I am in NI too and have just gone through IVF treatment with Origin. I am halfway through the dreaded 2 week wait so I dont know if it has been sucessful yet or not (hoping and praying it has) To the best of my knowledge there are two fertility clinics. Origin and GMRC. I would advise to go visit both before your decide. My advise is to check the both clinics out and go with the one you have the best feeling about! Best of luck and if I can help or offer any other advise just ask :-) take care xx

  • Thanks lou79..iI thinkiI willdo that. Prayers and fingers crossed for you.. Good luck.. Xx

  • Lou79 is right, there are only two and is probably right that it might be worth visiting both and see how you feel.

  • I agree that you should look at clinics success rates. They usually have them on their own websites but the HEFA website has them too. They helpfully group success rates by ge too which is helpful. Apart from that I think you will just get a feeling whether the clinic is right for you. You want somewhere you feel relaxed and comfortable.

    Good luck! x

  • Hi guys, GCRM have open evenings. We went along to one earlier in the year and will definitely be going here if our current NHS funded FET doesn't work. They take you on a tour of the clinic and answer any questions at all that you have. All staff are very friendly.

  • Hi All

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