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How to choose a clinic?


Looking for advice please. I am at the point of referral for nhs fertility treatment and my consultant has told me to chose a clinic. I have been given two options Cambridge or London women’s clinic but I have no idea how to choose the right one. Is there any advice on how to choose a clinic? Has anyone been to either of these clinics? Do all the appointments happen at the clinics or do some happen at your local hospital? I am very confused and don’t know who to ask!

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Hello and good news on starting to locate clinics, getting the ball rolling.

Personally, I found mine through open days/evenings. Most clinics do them so you can get a feel for the staff and the clinic. Also, I used Facebook reviews.

Many will use the HFEA website too.

All the best with your selection.

I would have a look on the HFEA website as there is lots of information on there, also like MyIVFHART says, going to visit both of them would be good too. That way you can see how long it will take you to get there etc. as that may be a factor too especially if you have to go for regular scans etc.

Good luck. Xxx

I second MyIVFHart and genten's suggestions and add: waiting time for the first consultation and for the actual start of the IVF (especially if you are as impatient as me!)

Hi - great news that you can start!

We did some research on ratings etc and only really had two options. I visited both and just had a feeling about one over the other

I work in London but live in Berkshire. We considered the London one so I could go from work etc but actually decided on the one nearer home (30 mins drive). I found that a blessing for days like egg collection when I was super uncomfortable and just wanted to be home quickly and on the sofa.

Having said that my sister had an hour and a half commute into London for her treatment and a) was successful and b) didn’t mind the journey at all

Hope that helps a bit - think it’s about priorities! good luck xx

Thank you all for you advice and support very much appreciate it! Good luck to all of you Xx

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