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Feeling deflated

Hay folks, I had my initial appointment with my consultant in may and found out I need to have IVF.. was in total shock.. I was told I would be seen again in 3months which would be August.. I rang threw to appointments at the start of July to see when I would be seen and they told me all they knew was I would be seen in august some time.. I rang again yesterday to be told that there is a 4month back log and I won't be seen until at least December.. I think this is a traumatic enough experience without being told this.. has anyone else had this problem?? Appointments told me I could get my Gp to write them a letter to say I'm quite anxious but I feel that anyone waiting to get on the list feels like this..

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I know the feeling, something similar happened to me, but your case is much more extreme. Can you ask your GP to advocate on your behalf and ask the reason for this delay? Is it possible the clinic is being over cautious? I was expecting to start treatment in Sept/Oct after being first seen in May. However when it came to setting the date they said they were looking at December which was crushing, however I got a call in the week to say they could bring it forward to October.

It's definitely worth throwing all you've got at it, but have a plan B to get ready mentally and distract yourself. This is what I'll be doing to try and stay sane.


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Thanks for the reply I think I will make an appointment with my GP


That's heartbreaking :-(

Have a look on the HFEA website to see if your clinic are on there..they sometimes show the waiting list for NHS and private patients.

If you have had your initial consultation at the clinic it's bad that the timeframe has changed to what they said. As well as speaking with your GP, it might also be worth calling to ask who the unit manager is to send a feedback email to and from that you might be able to work out the consultant email address to provide some feedback too?

Are you NHS funded or private?

We are NHS and felt our initial consultation was very rushed and not very informative and we provided the unit manager/head nurse some feedback and asked if our treatment was because we weren't a private patient. We ended up having a meeting with her and got a passed on verbal apology from the nurse we saw that day and a letter from the consultant.

Good luck x


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