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Feeling deflated



Had a call from the clinic today to say how my embryos are doing and they have put me on a real downer. The best I have are an 8 cell and a 6 cell, then going down gradually to a 2 cell. Last time the best I had at this point were a 7 cell and 6 cell. She said that the quality is pretty much the same as last time. Because the fertilisation rate is a lot higher than last time, I was hoping that meant to quality was better, but obviously not. She said that on day 3 they are looking for 6-8 cell as a good sign, which I have got, so I don’t know how she has managed to make me feel so down. :(

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Try not to feel down. Out of 13 eggs we only had 1 put back this time on day 5. None of the others were any good due to fragmentation (something we've had in all cycles). The 1 they put back wasn't graded as wasn't fully a blastocyst. It got us a positive result on Monday though so just try and stay positive 🤞xx

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That makes me feel better, last time I had one that started turning to blast and one a stage behind, the clinic made me feel like there was no hope, so it’s nice to know there is!

it only takes one - try & stay positive 😘

wishing you all the best of luck

Oh those calls are just awful, I do sympathise but you do have two where they should be and yes it might not be as many as you wanted but one of those ones could easily be the little one you're hoping for! Lots of luck!xx

Try to stay positive, it’s great you’ve some at the level they should be and some are just a little slower and do catch up. Good luck xxx

Aww... please try to stay positive. As the other posters have stated above, it really does only take the one to stick xx

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I know. I have been really positive up until now, I think it’s the reference to the last cycle that has upset me.

don't feel down. They are still growing which is great news. i had a 5 and a 6 cell put back on day 3 and I'm almost 20 weeks now. You just need that magic one. Keeping everything crossed for you! X

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Oh that’s brilliant. I don’t know why I let them make me feel like this. They said they have to be realistic! I disagree! I want to think everything is sunshine and rainbows until I pee on that stick!

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yea, sometimes you just want them to turn around and say it's going to be alright dont you. They prepared us for all sorts and we left feeling rubbish. It was only when i came on here that people picked me up. Keep thinking sunshine and rainbows! X

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