Feeling down and deflated πŸ˜₯

Had brown discharge yesterday after my second pessary, and have light cramps and achy in my right side,

Rang clinic they said it's normal and try not to worry, and I may of irritated my cervix,

Slept like crap for over worrying,

And it seems like my symptoms I did have have gone, feels like it's over before it's begun :-(

These 9 days till scan are going to be a long one that's if I make it till then,

Why cant anything be plain sailing, after the struggle it's taken to her where I am,

Constantly on knicker watch and swear that it feels like something is going to come out down there (sorry tmi)


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  • Hope all will be ok and hopefully the nurse is right that it's your pessaries causing the brown discharge. Thinking of you xxx

  • Thank you, xx

  • Thinking of you and hoping everything is okay and the clinic is right. Try and have a rested weekend if you can xx

  • Thank you xx

  • I know the worry. I worry all day every day..

    I had brown discharge last time and both Diane and my clinic assured me that it's nothing to worry about and that it could be caused by irritating my cervix with the pessaries. I know I had a missed miscarriage but the brown spotting was NO indication that there was anything wrong with my baby. It WASNT a sign of miscarriage. Xx

  • Thanks for your reply, it's just so worrying all the time isn't it, I've done like 8 toilet checks before going out lol,

    Hopefully all ok and I make it to the scan in 9 days xx

  • It is. I get used to one "symptom" mild cramping for example or ovary cramps, then along comes a new one on me and I start freaking out all over again xx

  • My cramps eased off but still feels like period pain,legs all achey,

    Just can't relax at all,

    Not long till your scan now is it xx

  • Tuesday. I'm so scared though xx

  • Least it's not far away, I've still got 9 days to go :(

    It is scary isn't it this whole process is scary and worrying :-( xx

  • Trust me, the last two and a bit weeks have draaaaggggeed. It's terrifying 😩 xx

  • It's really dragged hasn't it, mines still dragging, I defiantly change my mine about the 2ww being worst lol,

    It's the pain in my right leg it's really hurting xx

  • Perhaps you should see your GP about that? You've had that since you were in the tww haven't you? Xx

  • Yes I've had it for a while, I've always suffered with my right leg last time doctor told me to exercise, and when I asked the doctor just gone she thinks I've a trapped nerve and only thing for that is to be referred for physio but she said that's not a good idea in early pregnancy.

    Just tried to book an appointment on my gp app. Earliest is 6th September, I'll ring Tuesday see if I can get squeezed in before then,

    If it hasn't eased off by Monday I'll speak to my clinic as the nurse is in, see what she thinks, xx

  • Good idea. I would be very surprised if it had anything to do with your pregnancy but obviously I'm no expert. It's always better to get things checked out xx

  • Google says it could be uterus pushing on my nerve but google says a lot of things lol, but yes defiantly better to check, xx

  • Thinking of you and hope everything's ok xxx

  • Thank you xx

  • Hoping everything is ok. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about (but of course we think everything is). Take it easy xxx

  • Thank you xx

  • Hope everything's OK hun. I'm thinking of you rest up and try not over think things. Easier said than done I know. Just try to take each day minute hour as it comes and try distract yourself. If you can. I know it's hard all we do is worry. Wishing the next 9 days fly by πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

  • Thank you, well Ive had no more discharge. But I've got really achey/pain in my groin to my knee on the right.

    I've had a lazy day and plan on being lazy tomorrow also lol and Monday before work on Tuesday xx

  • Bless ya. Glad the discharge has stopped. It might just be nerve pain hun I get that with my endo sometimes.

    I'm having lazy days too in pain.

    Hope your pains ease off soon. Try enjoy your lazy days. I'm here if you need to chat xxx

  • Thanks Hun, hope your not in too much pain,

    Just horrible having to have all this extra worry, may have to chop my leg off, xx

  • πŸ˜‚That tickled me.

    I'm running a bath now hot water bottle not doing anything.

    Even if you didn't have the pain you'd still be worrying. Can you tolerate a massage on your legs? I can't. See if it helps xx

  • Oh Leesalou! Keeping everything crossed that all is ok.

    Lots of love


  • Really hope everything is ok and the next 9 days pass quickly. Hang on in there. Thinking about you xx

  • Thank you Hun, xx

  • It's common for symptoms to come and go away. Try not to worry too much. Take care darling. Keeping everything crossed for you 🀞🏻

  • Thank you for your reply, I'm trying not to but it's hard, roll on the 4th,


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