5 day FET.....how do they calculate?

Had my scan this week told I was 7 weeks 4 days pregnant but according to scan the little one is on the small side as though 5 weeks 4 days not showing 7 weeks size? I had my FET on the 26th June. How are they getting there calculations of how many weeks pregnant? They did say that he/she was quite far up the uterus to get an exact reading but I'm to go for a scan next week with the hope that grew and low heart rate needs checking,so confused about dates and whether I'm gonna go to scan next week and find there is no heart rate or growth increase. I've had more symptoms the last couple of days my stomach feels bloated, tender/swollen, nausea and tiredness is still driving and now and then I'm getting cramp, surely these are all good things, also now and then I feel moist down below so always thinks I've started to bleed or something but it's not, they did check and say there is no sign of bleeding my womb was clear.....want to be happy that I saw the little heart beat but scared for next week

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  • I feel completely the same after having my scan last week and they said it's on the small side considering I should have been 7 weeks five days but I don't get why they add on two weeks to be honest because then that means on test date you would be four weeks already.

    I've got another scan Friday so good luck to us both :)

  • The extra 2 weeks is they count from day 1 of your cycle, even though eggs aren't even around or fertilised til day 14! It doesn't make sense.

  • Doesn't make much sense I know when people fall naturally they do it from last period but they know exactly when they did it with us.. and when I did my clear blue test it only said one to two weeks on test date xx

  • The one to two weeks in a clear blue is the weeks since conception- so you add two weeks on for how many weeks pregnant ie you'd be 3-4 weeks on that test x

  • They assume collection/fertilisation to be around day 14 so add two weeks on like you'd have in a natural cycle. So on test day it's 2 weeks past collection but they add 2 weeks. So on test day you are 4 weeks pregnant- just like you'd be in a natural cycle. That's how it worked in my IVF but not sure if frozen embie makes a difference x

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