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Scan Update


Hello All, hope everyone is doing well, so we had a scan this morning, and everything seems to be going well ( we are 7 weeks 4 days). As you can imagine, I, more than the wife, was nervous, but in the end, we are both pleased and over the moon that things are progressing well.

Embie; 1.2cm

Heart rate: 150 per minute

I'm amazed at something so so so tiny already has a heart. Wow!

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Hi sanj76. Fabulous! Huge hugs to both of you! Scan looking good to me. Diane

sanj76 in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks Diane.., your wonderful support is much appreciated

Lovely to hear and see Sanj! Fantastic news, long may it continue for you both x x x

sanj76 in reply to MommaBear16

Thanks MomaBear... all is good which is a relief, that heart beat was FAST lol but at this stage very normal. It's increadiable knowing every second that passes by, something new is developing :)

Beautiful pic 😊

Ahhh that's great news sanj76, you both must be over the moon!x

Aww thats great news, I am really happy for you both . .take care of each other xx

sanj76 in reply to ditsy999

Thank you so much, there's a long way to go, every scan we take it's a massive achiement


Lovely picture x

sanj76 in reply to Hidden

Much appreciated. Thank you so much fur your support

Fantastic news, such a lovely picture, so happy for you both xxxxx

Great news x


Aww so glad all was ok, congratulations xxx

Fantastic news, very happy for you both!! xoxo

awww amazing, so glad its all going well for you xx


Fantastic news!! so lovely to see :)

Hi Sanj76,

A big congratulations to you both xxx

Yay! Congratulations! X

Congratulations to ur wife n u....its amazing to c ur baby's heartbeat...

Great news Sanj. So happy for you and your wife. So glad all is going well 😊 xxx

Awwww wow,.love to you both..cherish that pic xxx

sanj76 in reply to vic77

Thanks Vic.... hope your doing well

Incredible. So happy for you both xxx

sanj76 in reply to Daisy-Mae

Much appreciated Daisy Mae. How's your little boy doing? Hope all is well

Daisy-Mae in reply to sanj76

He is doing really well thank you, growing and changing every day. One day you will be enjoying this too xx

sanj76 in reply to Daisy-Mae

Awww that's lovely.... I can only imagine the feeling but god willing we too will have our bundle of joy. Are you based in london

Daisy-Mae in reply to sanj76

I am. We had our treatment at Hammersmith but have moved so our baby was born in Kingston hospital. All have been fantastic. Where are you based?

sanj76 in reply to Daisy-Mae

Ruislip :)

So pleased for you both x

Congratulations 😀

sanj76 in reply to Kelly-03

Thank you Kelly... a long way to go but every step, every scan feels like a Blessing

Kelly-03 in reply to sanj76

Yes I'm sure and very exciting x so so pleased for you both x

Fantastic news sanj!! Amazing to see on pic, so happy for you both, continue to be blessed on your journey xx

Aww what a lovely post and pic! So happy that everything is progressing well, long my it continue for you both! As you say it's amazing to think something so small has a heartbeat. Mother Nature is amazing! Really happy for you both x

Wow! How amazing! Best of luck to you both xx

Well done to both of ye and thank you for sharing. I wish the three of ye well on ye're journey :)

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