Scan Update

Scan Update

Hello All, hope everyone is doing well, so we had a scan this morning, and everything seems to be going well ( we are 7 weeks 4 days). As you can imagine, I, more than the wife, was nervous, but in the end, we are both pleased and over the moon that things are progressing well.

Embie; 1.2cm

Heart rate: 150 per minute

I'm amazed at something so so so tiny already has a heart. Wow!

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  • Hi sanj76. Fabulous! Huge hugs to both of you! Scan looking good to me. Diane

  • Thanks Diane.., your wonderful support is much appreciated

  • Lovely to hear and see Sanj! Fantastic news, long may it continue for you both x x x

  • Thanks MomaBear... all is good which is a relief, that heart beat was FAST lol but at this stage very normal. It's increadiable knowing every second that passes by, something new is developing :)

  • Beautiful pic 😊

  • Ahhh that's great news sanj76, you both must be over the moon!x

  • Aww thats great news, I am really happy for you both . .take care of each other xx

  • Thank you so much, there's a long way to go, every scan we take it's a massive achiement

  • Lovely picture x

  • Much appreciated. Thank you so much fur your support

  • Fantastic news, such a lovely picture, so happy for you both xxxxx

  • Great news x

  • Aww so glad all was ok, congratulations xxx

  • Fantastic news, very happy for you both!! xoxo

  • awww amazing, so glad its all going well for you xx

  • Fantastic news!! so lovely to see :)

  • Hi Sanj76,

    A big congratulations to you both xxx

  • Yay! Congratulations! X

  • Congratulations to ur wife n u....its amazing to c ur baby's heartbeat...

  • Great news Sanj. So happy for you and your wife. So glad all is going well 😊 xxx

  • Awwww wow,.love to you both..cherish that pic xxx

  • Thanks Vic.... hope your doing well

  • Incredible. So happy for you both xxx

  • Much appreciated Daisy Mae. How's your little boy doing? Hope all is well

  • He is doing really well thank you, growing and changing every day. One day you will be enjoying this too xx

  • Awww that's lovely.... I can only imagine the feeling but god willing we too will have our bundle of joy. Are you based in london

  • I am. We had our treatment at Hammersmith but have moved so our baby was born in Kingston hospital. All have been fantastic. Where are you based?

  • Ruislip :)

  • So pleased for you both x

    Congratulations πŸ˜€

  • Thank you Kelly... a long way to go but every step, every scan feels like a Blessing

  • Yes I'm sure and very exciting x so so pleased for you both x

  • Fantastic news sanj!! Amazing to see on pic, so happy for you both, continue to be blessed on your journey xx

  • Aww what a lovely post and pic! So happy that everything is progressing well, long my it continue for you both! As you say it's amazing to think something so small has a heartbeat. Mother Nature is amazing! Really happy for you both x

  • Wow! How amazing! Best of luck to you both xx

  • Well done to both of ye and thank you for sharing. I wish the three of ye well on ye're journey :)

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