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Help! When do I have to start the pill?!?

Hi all,

So we're due to start our icsi treatment in September, but in the lead up to it starting I have to take the contraceptive pill. So I was due on on the 1st Aug and in my letter with instructions etc it said to start on 2nd Aug.

I've just come on my period today (25th July) a whole week early! As it's a Saturday and after midday my clinic is closed now, so I was wondering if anyone on here can help me.

What I want to know is, shall I start the pill tomorrow on the second day of my period, or wait till Aug 2nd in week's time like it says on my letter? Is it all going by my period, or the dates of the scans etc in September (which we've been given)? I have to take it continously until 10th September.

Argh! Help! I don't want to miss my window, but I don't want to mess it up by starting it a week early if it's just going on dates rather than my period. And is it OK to be in it for a week longer than anticipated?

Any help would be much appreciated today. Thanks all :) X

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I'm surprised they've given you such rigid dates if it's dependant on your period starting-we all know it either comes unwanted or doesn't when we need it to!

You could always take 1 today and then call them in the morning and check, I'm sure 1 won't do any harm and at least you won't have missed your chance xx


Hi. By now I'm sure you will have spoken to your clinic. However, I do hope that they agreed that you should start your pill on the first day of bleeding. periods don't always come to the exact day, as we all know. You would be able to be on it for a week longer, but obviously your clinic is the best one to advise. Good luck with it all! Diane


Hi Diane, thank you for your reply, I haven't actually been able to get through to my clinic yet so this is very helpful. My period didn't actually make an appearance in the end, I had a bit of what you get before your period properly starts (sorry if a bit too much information there!) but it tailed off over the course of the day. I think it's imminent though and will start the pill as soon as it does, I'll double check with the clinic though. Thanks again! X


Hi. That's good news, so it seems as if you will be able to start as expected. There is no problem taking the pill for a prolonged time, that is what athletes do! Good luck with it all! Diane

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