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Moxa and acupuncture

Hi Ladies, Haven't been on here for a while. Had a pretty traumatic experience with my previous cycle. We have started our third and last attempt and doing everything we can to try and make it work from diet to acupuncture and listening to hypnosis tracks (which I must say are brilliant at helping me to sleep at night).

Anyway, I went for an acupuncture session today and was recommended Moxa over my ovaries to try and help increase the number of follicles. Has anybody tried this? Did it work?

I'm starting the stimming drugs tomorrow.

Thanks for reading xx

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Not sure abt this but my friend swore by acupuncture and reflexology when doing her treatment she is now due in 5 weeks time xx


Thanks Sam84


Hello DSan, I've not had moxa but I have been doing acupuncture through my treatment. My husband had acupuncture for back pain and it really helped so I figure there must be something in it! It makes me feel relaxed and like I'm doing something productive to help. Best of luck with your treatment! x


Thanks Hopeful 1982, Yes I think acupuncture definitely helps with relaxation.


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