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For ladies new to the journey, please try a programme of acupuncture, even if you are afraid 😱. I am (no, was!) a total wimp when it came to needles, so as a challenge to myself (need to be ready for IVF if necessary!) - and knowing that acupuncture helps things - I walked into a clinic last Tuesday. Then and there I had an initial consultation, followed by a somewhat stressful round of acupuncture and a painful massage. Determined for my body to make a baby, I returned yesterday and had a completely different experience - it was very positive! I think knowing what to expect virtually eliminated the phobia. Anyway, I would recommend - I don't claim to understand it, but I felt relaxed, happy and energetic, and already feel my health improving (and the endo not even THINKING about coming back). It's like sending the message to my future baby(ies) "I'm preparing a nice cosy room for you to spend the next 9 months!" So empowering 👶👶

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  • Yes I enjoyed having it too do you know you can claim 50% back through health insurance such as sovereign health. Mine was £50 a time so I found this really helpful x

  • Whoa that's amazing! Calling Bupa tomorrow about this. Thanks, Nyko! xx

  • Totally agree!!! I love my guy he's great!

  • Hi, would you be able to send me the details of the acupuncturist you went to? thanks emilie

  • I enjoy it too.

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