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Day 21 / Progesterone Blood Test Results


I have just had my second Progesterone bloods back.... the reading was 30. Apparently they say that anything above 28 means you ovulated..... My previous reading was 32. I have been asked to have 3 sets of test results before they will consider Clomid.

What readings did other people have? What readings meant that your consultant prescribed you Clomid?

Thanks for your help


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I have been informed by 3 doctors that 30 or above means you have ovulated. I have had day 21 tests probably now in total on 7-8 occasions. Whilst on clomid it shot up to the 70's, but some results were in the 40's. Doctor was happy with that. I started clomid following numerous tests including HSG (they need to rule out any problems with your tubes). It was probably about 5 months after my 1st consultation with the fertility doctor.

Unfortunately it didn't work for me, and I had to come off it due to skin reactions (this is very rare). I wish you all the best, but your result is normal.., so hopefully they will prescribe it soon.



Hi overtherainbow22. As "KeeKee21" says, to confirm ovulation, a reading should be 30 and above. Hopefully, you will be prescribed a course of Clomid, for after all, that’s its main job to enhance ovulation and to get you to ovulate regularly. Hope all goes well for you and you don’t have to wait too long for treatment. Diane


I have had an HSG that showed that my tubes are open, finally something positive!!

Hate playing this game, I didn't sign up for this! Can't shake the feeling of being a failure and that I am broken :( x


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