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2ww and beta test results

Hi any body here going through the 2 week wait , or had there blood readings ?

Would like to here what your blood readings where what beta score did you get ?

The 2 week wait can be very stressful, keep Carm and carry on your daily life as usual. We read that ivf has a better success rate goof about your daily life compared to resting , what do you feel about this ?

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I am on my two week wait!! I have a little girl who is 3 & 1/2 and I have absolutely no chance of resting.... Swimming lessons, ballet classss, packed lunches everything still needs doing!!! I'm on day 2 of two week wait!!! How are you doing, x x x x

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Hi there

We have just gone through the two week wait . We have a 10 month old rug rat who doesn't stop so know how you feel. My wife carried on with a very active lifestyle.

Wife didn't feel pregnant this time around , and had no signs of pregnancy , first time around she had all the symtoms.

Anyway she had her bloods taken today and had a reading over 300 on the beta test. Midwife says it's a comfortable positive. We can't remember the first reading we had first time round.

All looking good so far, so just the next hurdle to jump.

I think if you keep yourself busy through the two week wait it's goes faster.

I wish you all the best, please do keep us updated . Fingers crossed for a BFP.

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Ah that's lovely news!! Congratulations & as you already have a beasty too it's re-assuring to know hopefully your wife's body has already done it all once so it should a go perfectly with this one!!! That's a short gap between them!!! Yes will let you know how it all goes thanks and best of luck to your faimily x x


I'm on the two week wait no blood tests offered though.

I test Monday. I had the day off after transfer but have just carried on as normal since just done things a little slower. Drank lots of water. But haven't had sex, you get conflicting advice on the Internet about that and didn't want to risk it.

but apart from that everything normal .

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Yeah I would sex is a no go, just with the egg collection , there is still tenderness .

Good luck fingers are crossed for you x


Good luck ladies. Won't be at the 2ww stage for a while yet but have been through it before, feels like a life time of waiting but it does help to keep busy.

Good luck again, fingers and toes crossed for you



You will have to let us know your progress .

Positive thinking, positive thinking , positive thinking .

All the best


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