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Hi xx not posted for a while, I have been patiently waiting for today to arrive and now its here I am dreading it. I am having my first scan today and I am absolutely petrified. I dont want it to be like last time and I am trying to stay positive. Its been an awful week and very stressful as I had a break in at my business to deal with but these things can only make you stronger I suppose xx

Is anybody else close to the same stage as me I can chat with?! X

Good to luck everyone on the rollercoaster of a journey that ivf is x sending lots of baby thoughts xx

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  • Good luck x

  • It's really scary and can't be easy after an already stressful week! I got a positive result on Saturday and my 1st scan was scheduled for a week today but we've had to put it back to 28th July due to my partners work commitments. I'm so frightened to let myself accept being pregnant, it's like I'm waiting for something to go wrong. I'm finding this wait for the scan even harder than the 2ww. I'm hoping that these are natural feelings after a loss and I'm not totally losing and as rings progress I'll be able to relax with it a bit. I'm sure we aren't alone in feeling this way. Best of luck for today, and huge congratulations xx

  • Hi mrs-kmc. So sorry to hear about the break in at your business, and I do hope you are managing to sort it all out. By now you will probably have had your scan, so hopefully it will have cheered you up. Hoping all goes well for you. Diane

  • It was amazing got to see our little babies heart beating nice and strong!!! It feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I can start to enjoy it a little more now, just need to reach that 12 week scan now. Aaahhhh!! Lol thanks for all the welk wishes x I hope your scan goes ok anon1 xx

  • Fantastic, I've been wondering how you got on all day. So pleased it's good news and what a relief I bet! Xx

  • Lovely to hear good news. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy.

  • Anon01 its a huge relief. Such a special thing and I feel truly blessed to get this far xx have you had some symptoms in your wait. Your scan will hopefully cone round quickly and be good news for you xx

  • It's another step closer to achieving your dream!! What an amazing feeling. I had to change to a different brand of progesterone for a few days last week, the only real symptoms I've had coincided with that (at least I'm hoping that is the reason for my symptoms disappearing and it's not another miss). My boobs are slightly sore but that's it. Are you having any yet? Xx

  • Yes I have sore boobs but I had them as soon as I had transfer done, at about 5/6 weeks I started feeling sick but havent been sick just things make me heave all the time and my sense of smell is crazy. I have been craving salt and vinegar crisps aswell. Ha its so strange. At your stage though hun I know its hard not to but try not to thing about symptoms so much and just keep positive. I read that eating pinapple helps massively so I ate and dranks tons of it xx I have everything crossed for you xxx

  • Yeah I had the crazy smells thing in the few days I had "symptoms", luckily I was homing in on perfume and cleaning products rather than stinky foods and nastiness. It could be worse than salt and vinegar haha. I know I need to just keep busy and stop trying to analyse everything. I've learned by now that you cannot predict anything with ivf so trying to keep an open mind. (Whenever I've thought i knew what was coming next I've been thrown a curb ball). You will have to keep me posted how you're little bundle is progressing xxx

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