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7 week 4 day scan


I went for my 7 week 4 day scan today to see if anything had appeared in the 2nd gestational sac and although this had got bigger and a yolk sac was now showing, there was no embryo or heartbeat. They said it’s highly unlikely that an embryo will grow at this point and it will more than likely just disappear. I never expected twins to be honest but had started to picture what this would be like 😔 Thankfully our other embryo had more than doubled in size and is doing great with a strong heartbeat. Looks a bit like a jelly baby at this point haha! I’ve been given the paperwork to book in with the midwife now, which is pretty surreal as I never thought I’d get to this stage, but I’m so thankful! Wishing all you lovely ladies lots of luck, wherever you are on this journey 🙏💕 xX

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Sorry about the other twin but hoping your little jelly baby stays strong xx

Clover5 in reply to CC2018

Thank you 💕 I hope your baby bean is doing well? Xx

CC2018 in reply to Clover5

As far as I know. The 12 week scan seems ages away. Just over 2 weeks to go but very tempted to have a private one xx

Clover5 in reply to CC2018

I don’t blame you at all as all these waits between scans are nightmare! I’ve thought about doing the same myself. I’m really pleased everything seems to be good so far for you though 💕🤞 the best of luck xX

Really sorry to hear one embie may not have made it 😢

So pleased one is doing fine and growing into beautiful little baba!

Bet it’s a great feeling to be booking in with a midwife, all so real now. Bet you are counting down the days to that 12 week scan now!

All the best hun 😘 xxx

Clover5 in reply to Devj

Thank you 💕 It is all starting to feel real now and we couldn’t be happier.

I hope your doing well with your baby bean? Not too long now until your scan 😘🤞 xX

Devj in reply to Clover5

You deserve it hun.

I’m ok thank you lovely. Permanently exhausted and feel like rubbish but it’s all for a good cause! 9 days and counting until early scan. Cannot wait ☺️

Will be in touch after it xxx


Sorry to hear about the 2nd embryo but congratulations on your little healthy bean!! Xxx

Clover5 in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much 😊 xx

Sorry to hear about your second emby hunny, bug congratulations on your jelly bean x x x

Clover5 in reply to Jonesjp

Thank you! wishing you lots of luck for your EC 😘🤞 xX

Jonesjp in reply to Clover5

Thank you hunny just 3 more sleeps! ♥️

Congratulations to you both, so sorry to hear about your second embryo. Take care xx

Clover5 in reply to Clairenix

Thank you Clairenix! I hope you are doing ok after your sad news. Sending love 💕 xX

Clairenix in reply to Clover5

Thankyou Clover5, I will get there just trying to look to the future xx

Clover5 in reply to Clairenix

It’s so difficult but that’s all you can do isn’t it. Wishing you all the best when you are ready to try again 🙏💕 xX

Best of luck for a happy and healthy pregnancy pregnancy with your jelly baby x

Clover5 in reply to LegoBatgirl

Thank you 😊xX

Sorry to hear About your 2nd baby bean, but wish wishing you have a healthy successful pregnancy xxx

Clover5 in reply to TRYING2016

Thank you! I really hope you get some positive news when you have your 2nd scan 💕🙏 xX

TRYING2016 in reply to Clover5

Thank you so much I really hope i do xxx

Glad to hear you’ve had good news on your scan. Hearing the heartbeat is such a great milestone to reach - you must be over the moon! I’m sorry about the second twin - sad news on that when you’re starting to expect you might get two xx

Thanks Hun 💕 yes we are made up about our little one that’s taken. It’s sad our 2nd Embie didn’t make it, but we are so glad we didn’t go with their advice and just have the one transferred. I hope your doing ok after your bfn? 😘 xX

Thanks Hun, I'm not great but I know I'll get there. Feeling better than I was last week at least 😘 Xx

You did the right thing having 2 transferred and huge congratulations your going to be a mum xx

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