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1st Menopur Injection this Evening (eeek!!!!!)

Hi Ladies,

So today is the day it all starts. I have to administer my first dose of menopur between 6-8pm this evening. It feels a bit surreal to be honest. I went to the clinic during my lunch break for the scan and the consultant said 'ok, we are good to start' and that was that. Ive been in a world of my own all afternoon in work. I am trying to get my head around the fact that today could be the begining of my life changing forever! Can I ask what side effects any of you ladies have experienced while taking menopur? I had a terrible time with Clomid and Im worried I am in for more of the same? Thanks x

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Hi Lou I started menopur 3 days ago I am starting to feel quite bloated but feel ok in myself just get quite tired throughout the day hope all goes well for you how much menopur are you on im doing 150 iu xx


Hi Ro5ie, thank you for the reply. Im doing 225 iu for the 1st few days then its being reduced to 150 iu. Im glad to hear you havent had any bad side effects. I can live with being bloated, I will ditch the jeans and wear elasticated waists instead! Is this your first round of ivf?


Hi lou yes it is my first cycle what about you? xx


Hi, yes my 1st cycle too. I think Im finally starting to feel positive about this whole process for the first time and realise that this could result in our longed for little one! Exciting and terrifying at the same time! x


Hello Lou79, I hope your first injection went well! I have found the whole thing very surreal and can't quite believe all these drugs can lead to a baby! Good luck for your cycle x


Hi Hopeful1982, thank you for the reply. My husband and I are quite an unlucky pair, we joke about our constant misfortunes (dark senses of humour) so it was no surprise today when the consultant said we were good to start that the nurse then told us afterwards that they had run out of menopur and could we come back later when they had gotten a delivery. Thankfully my husband was off work today and was able to go back later this afternoon. Unfortunately when he got there a very apologetic nurse told him the drug company would be delivering tomorrow instead and could we come back then! She gave him one dose of menopur from their emergency supply so that i could at least take that. So this evening i was all set and bracing myself for the 1st injection. I asked my husband to do the mixing (the science bit) but he broke the glass vial with the water solution in it. We had 1 spare which the clinic gave us, we watched a youtube video of how to break the vial open correctly and had another go. It shattered again!! We had to ring the clinic out of hours number and a nurse had to open up the clinic we met her there and she showed my husband how to crack the glass vial correctly, which he did, but cut open his finger too!!!! All this for one injection! With the nurses help (after plastering my husbands finger) i gave myself the injection. It wasnt as bad as I thought. Thankfully when I collect my meds tomorrow the menopur wont come with glass water solution vials! Lol! What a day! What stage are you at in this crazy journey?

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That made me chuckle! The clinic will be thinking you're a right pair! I had bemfola injections so thankfully no mixing required. I am on my first round of IVF too but a little further ahead. I had ET on Tuesday (it feels like it was a month ago!) and my test date is 28 July - eek! I feel pretty positive but the process is so surreal I can't quite believe it could possibly result in a pregnancy/baby!!!!

Best of luck with your injections and the rest of your treatment! x


Thank you! 28th July does seem like a long time away so I can understand why you feel like you do! Best of luck with everything and maybe get a few box sets to put the time in for you. I definitely recommend Orange is the new black. Its on Netflix. Stay positive and I so hope this is your time xx

ps: got the proper menopur today so heres hoping my 2nd dose is incident free this evening



Thanks Lou79, I need a new box set recommendation as we're almost finished the last series of Suits! Good luck with the injection tonight! x

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Hi lou79, menopour wasnt that bad for me last time. I was 450 iu. Due to low amh, i was on a higher. I felt a bloated and after abt 6 days, i was feeling tired. Other than that i was fine. Bt when i was downregging, i felt realt horrible, down depressed n headaches.

I am going to start my second n last cycle next month. So keeps my fingers crossed.

goodluck lou79 amd ro5ie


Hi shirley, thank you for the reply and the info about the menopur. I will prepare myself (and my hubby) for more mood swings and tears when the down regging starts. It really is such a rollercoaster journey for us ladies. I wish you the best of luck and a successful result this time xx


Hi lou79, if you have started menupur than u have passed the downregging bit. Menopur is better than the downregging.

Also the effect is different on different on different also the dosage matters aswell

i will be taking norethisterone.

Good luck with cycle sweety.


Hope you are doing/feeling ok?

I've been doing down regs, but had our baseline scan on Wednesday and we were good to start stims on Thursday.

I've been suffering with quite a few migraines/headaches and have been tired, but during our last round, I was just mainly tired and felt uncomfortable when moving around towards the end of the stims.

I was on 300 last time for the whole stimming, but this time have started on 225 to see how we go.

I found the whole journey before surreal, even when we got a BFP...

Hope your next scans go well x


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