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Feel real

Hi ladies since my last post I have been experiencing ups and downs tinking about getting pregnant. .since then I went on holiday with the hubby to stop stressing out but even there I got to know that a couple of friends got pregnant even without trying. .. Now being back to the reality I have my first appointment in the fertility clinic on Friday and really don't know what to expect, can someone explain me what it's going to happen? ?Thanks

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Hi pinto8, I hope you had a good holiday. I can appreciate the ups and downs, I think we all have them but try to focus on the positive & that fertility treatment is taking a positive step forward. Once I was injecting, I felt like I was doing something & felt a bit better.

Our first appointment was with the consultant who explained all the test results again, what ivf was, how it worked, success rates etc. we were given lots of forms then. my next appointment was with the nurse who went through the consent forms, talked about the cycles, when we could start, what it would involve from a practical side. I think my next appointment was about how to inject etc, which was when I was given the meds.

There's probably variations in how each clinic runs but hope this helps. Any questions you have between now & then, write them down because you may forget on the day. Also, I was weighed at one point on this to check my bmi met the criteria.

Best of luck & look after yourself xx


Hi Dee22 thanks for the explanation I was getting nervous because sometimes I read some things here that I really don't understand the meaning so I get frustrated and annoyed that I might explain myself wrong in the appointment. ..But it's good to come here and speak to everyone that is going through the same.I'm trying to stay calm now to go to the appointment without negative thoughts so that I can understand and ask every doubt that me and my partner have... So let's hope that everything goes smoothly. .

Once again thank you for your words


If there's ever something you don't understand, posting on here usually gives lots of answers so ask away (unless it's something you don't want to ask). It's a lot of new information & I sometimes forget what I didn't know before this whole process started until I talk to people & realise how much I've learnt. What I'm trying to say is that although there's a lot of different information on here, it can be scary and overwhelming, but we've all started at the beginning at some point, so we understand.

Also, infertility UK website has some leaflets on there you can look at & the HFEA website explains some things too. Best of luck for the appointment. xx


Hello Pinto, glad to hear things are moving forward! My appointments were pretty similar to what Dee22 describes. After all the waiting it all seemed to move quite quickly from our first appointment!

Dealing with infertility can be so painful and it's incredibly difficult watching people fall pregnant and move forward with their lives. I don't know if you've tried it but I did quite a lot of counselling which made a huge difference to how I've coped with this. I feel less stressed and more relaxed which can only be a good thing when going through IVF!

Good luck x


Thank you Hopeful yes sometimes it's hard and I can thank enough to my partner, but sometimes only us womens can understand the pain because it's our body and we are supposed to carry the baby so when that doesn't happen we feel that is our fault. But I'm trying to not think that way because I know now that it's not and I have to do everything that I can to make my dream came true.

Thank you


Hi pinto8. Nothing really to add to what the other have said, but just to wish you well with your appointment on Friday. Diane


Thank you Diane I am literally counting the days because now I know it's the beginning of everything.


Hi. Not long now - you will be fine! Diane

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