Hello newbie here x

Hi all,

I am new to all this me and my husband have been trying for over a year now (unsuccessfully) we had had all the blood test/sperm test etc. just got the letters for the scan and ovary test. Can anyone tell me about the ovary scan as a little scared if I am honest.

Just told a few close friends and my parents and I instantly feel like a weights been lifted.

Hope everyone is well and feel positive about their various stages of where you are all up to xxx

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  • Hello x I joined the forum today. The ovary scan for me was just the same as a smear x hope this helps and I'm thinking of the right procedure lol x good luck x

  • Aw thanks for replying and putting my mind at rest. I am not sure if I just read your post (still figuring out how to use this sight) are you due to start your injections? X

  • It's ok x due to startthe I injections at the end of the month xx I think michelle is right I've had that many tests so far I'm not sure which ones which lol x I'm thinking of the one where they look at your eggs x either way non of them hurt x

  • I am going to see the gynaecologist at the end of the month for the first time and all they have written in the letter was that I should come with another person to undergo investigations. Does anyone know exactly what is done at this stage???

  • Hi babyloves x is it to check your tubes? X

  • They haven't said much in the letter other than use the words investigations. It was attached to what apears to be a generic letter about treatments as well. I'm just a bit confused x

  • Hi TLS1, are you starting long protocol injections at the end of this month? I start on the 26th July x

  • I have had an ovary scan, I thought it was like an ultrasound?

    I must still have that left to come if it's similar to a smear.


  • There is one where they check your ovaries and tubes and put dye through to check for blockages. The nurse said I need to take someone with me as you can go abit wobbly legged after it πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

  • I Button-123

    Welcome to the group it will be a god send trust me!☺️

    I had a scan/ X-ray thingy (sorry not sure what the real term is lol) during my investigation, where they use dye to check if your tubes are all flowing properly does that sound like what ur taking about? xx

  • Hello, yes that the one. How was it? X

  • Hi Button-123, I had two tests done, an internal scan and an X-ray. The scan was pretty easy and quick and just like a smear test really. The X-Ray took a little longer but was completely painless. The team looking after me were lovely and although it's not the most comfortable thing to go through, it really isn't too bad. I was exactly the same as you and worried sick about both procedures but please don't worry, they will be over and done with very soon and then you will be one step closer to being a mum! Good luck xxx

  • Thanks Daisy-Mae good to know xxx

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