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FET on Fri....2nd attempt...going to work?

Hi all! 2nd attempt on Friday nervous and excited, not looking forward to the two week wait, last time I didn't go to work for the two weeks and never told work what was happening. This time round I've told my manager what's happening and I will be in work for the 2ww. How have you all found it do you think it's better to be in work, do you find the days go quicker? I'm an administrator so it's not a physical job but can be busy and challenging on the mind the tasks that I have x x

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Hi SuzanneAM. Oh the 2WW is never any easy time! I think that as you do not have a manual type of job, you may have made the right decision to work during the wait. It will help to keep your mind of things – just be careful not to do any lifting. Perhaps choose who you spend your time with during the wait too, so as not to cause any stress. Well, all I can do is to wish you well with the FET on Friday and hope it ends with a well-deserved positive result. Diane


I am in my 2ww at the moment and I have gone back to work, I have found it has kept my mind busy and I think I have made the right choice. I was on my own at the weekend and hubby was away and I drove myself crazy sat worrying about it every 5 mins. Defo go back to work hun. I chose to just carry on life as normal xx


I tested go for two weeks! Loads of movies and chill out time! X


I wen to work for both 2WWs, my manager was aware and I can work flexible hours which helped. Work was a good distraction for me as I think I'd have worried too much if I'd been at home.

Everyone is different so do what feels right for you.

Good luck.


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