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Coming off the pill

Hi everyone,

I am SO new to all this. We went to the doc for an initial discussion just 2 weeks ago and we've had blood and semen samples taken - waiting on the results - so at the VERY first step at the moment with a long way to go yet!

I've been on the pill forever (Cerazette at the moment) and I asked the GP if I should come off it as I thought I should give it a while to get out my system whilst we wait for referrals etc (I have no idea how long this is all gonna take) - but the GP said no, to keep taking it until we're further down the line. When will I stop taking it? What if it takes ages for my periods to come? I was never very regular before, will this be an issue etc??? Or am I worrying unnecessarily and all the drugs that I'll be taking will sort all this out? Any advice most welcome! Thanks x

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Hi Bello71. Not too sure why you are on the pill if you are trying to conceive?? Plus I wondered why you are on a progesterone type only contraceptive pill. I would check with your GP to see whether being on a contraceptive pill would interfere with your blood results. However, if all does go a bit pear-shaped with your periods- once you see if they do return, then as you say, they can hopefully be manipulated with different medication during treatment cycles. Hope all works out OK and that a decision is soon made regarding a way forward with any treatment should it be needed. Diane


Thanks Diane and you make a good point :) I don't want to go into details but we can ONLY conceive with IVF - I can't risk getting pregnant without assistance. Thank you. Appreciate the feedback x


Hi Bell071. I won't bother you again, but should you need to speak to me on my confidential Support line, the number is 01213235025. Mon, Weds & Fri. Diane


Hi Diane, this is really kind of you, thank you. I'll definitely make a note of this and call if I need to. Thank you x


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