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EC and ET time off and rest?


Hi all,

It looks like I will have my ET next weds and the transfer next Monday. Can anyone give advice about time off they felt they needed after both. My cycle was postponed a few times so no matter how much planning I did with taking time off etc it just hasn't worked out that well. So I just wanted to get an idea of what people have done with positive results! My in laws are due to stay ( flights booked already) 2 days after ET and we dont to tell them or my family at the moment. I know everyone is different but just wanted some advice. Many thanks and good luck to you all. X

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Hi londonrc. It's good to have a few days off around EC time, so you have a good rest.Make sure you drink plenty of water. Hope all goes well for you. Diane

Everyone is different but I was in agony after EC for about 5 days. I struggled to even get to the toilet by myself so definitely wouldn't have been able to manage work! Xx

Also ET will only be on the Monday if your embryos make it to blastocyst stage. I ended up having a day 2 transfer so you may be back in on the Friday for your transfer x

Thanks Diane and BabyD I will take your comments on board and take some time off to rest. X

I was told to take the week off for the EC and ET to give your body time and rest up, but I was terminated at EC so didn't need the time off in the end.

But I would defiantly recommend at least a week off to be stress free. Wishing you all the luck in the world xxx

Hi Emma-Jane-30, thank you for your advice. I am so sorry to hear your cycle was terminated at EC, it's such a rollercoaster ride and at each stage we just don't know what will happen. I'm planning and hoping all will be ok for EC and we get at least one embie to transfer. Will you try again in the new year? It's so much to go through after all the injections etc. Wishing you all the best. X

Yes I'm due to go in for February's EC so have to ring up with my day 1 of Dec AF then go from there but I have to say I'm a lot more relaxed this time round so hopefully they get the drug disease right this time.

I wish you all the luck for you round and look forward to your updates xx

My clinic gave me a sick note for 2 weeks when my EC was confirmed. I had day 5 blastocyst transferred and was off for 11 working days in total x

Hi, I think it all depends a bit on your character, how active you are, how much you like resting and what your work allows you. I would definitely suggest taking at least the day off after egg collection ( ideally 2 or 3) because you will definitely be tired due to the anaesthetic and maybe in pain. After ET it's a bit more mixed. I think medically speaking there is no reason to stay at home, but you may feel better resting (and then you know you've done everything you could). I stayed at home the day after ET but went back to work after that because I went a bit mad at home :). I hope you'll find the right solution for you. Good luck!


I was fine after two days of collection but I'd say to have more rest after transfer. I'm working from home for a week then have two weeks leave to relax as much as poss 👍🏼

Thank you for all your kind advice. I will definitely take some time off around both as I don't want to regret it and give everything as much a chance as possible. X

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