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How many days post blastocyst transfer were people told to test?

I had a day 5 transfer last Wednesday (27th) and the test date they gave me is tomorrow - this is only 9 days post transfer. This didn't seem very long so when I rang today to double check she firstly changed the date to Monday but then said Sunday. She finished with the conversation saying it may show up tomorrow...

I did a test at lunchtime today which was negative (felt fed up with the change of dates) so this has just made me feel like its all over now..

I just wondered how many days post blastocyst transfer other people were given?

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My transfer was on Tuesday and I have been told to test next Friday. How have you been feeling?


so that's 10 day? was that a 5 day transfer? I am felt ok really but the last few days really bloated in the afternoons which has actually hurt but I actually feel like that's more a trapped wind pain. I feel like my period is lerking though


Try lying on your side for the trapped wind pain, it can help it. xx


All the best for the testing. I have been checking up on your progress, because I also have a severely low AMH, severe endo and would need a few months zoladex before IVF, which risks switching off ovaries permanently. I am in a state of limbo as to what to do.

I am so hopeful for you, and remember you aren't at your official testing day so your hormone levels may not be enough yet. From all my reading, it can be normal to have bloating symptoms etc before testing.

Really wishing you the best. Good luck to you.


We had a 5 day blastocyst and only had to wait 10 days. I did not test early though... Waited until the 10th day and got a lovely positive. Currently 15 weeks :-)

Fingers crossed for you. X

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Hi, I was told 9 days after my 5dt by the hospital and the clinic said 10. Was very confusing but they class ovulation from the day of EC as that's effectively ovulation so it's 2 weeks from then.

Hope this helps xx


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