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10 days post early blastocyst transfer

Hi everyone

As the title says I am 10 days post early blastocyst transfer

Although I tried to rest as much as possible for the first few days I had to cook twice a day but I did not have any other house hold chores like cleaning and washing

Just once or twice I used a broom to sweep the floor without bending much

But while I had to bend quiet a few times and this is worrying me that this may have affected the implantation of the embryo

I have been sitting on the couch for the rest of the day

But I sleep on a mattress on the floor and only get up if I want to go to bath room or take medicines or water

My question is can bending affect embryo implantation

I want to hear about the activity levels before anyone got a bfp

I am going for the test on Thursday

And although the embryo was an A grade with good uterine lining

I still feel that it won’t work even this time

Pls help me calm my mind

Thank you

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Hi Ssharu123. Try not to worry about this, as your womb is tucked away right down below any "bendy" part of your back. Just don't do any heavy lifting. If you drop anything, then sit down if possible to pick it up, or leave it there! You won't have caused any harm with light sweeping. Hope all goes well for you. Diane


Thanks DianeArnold

But I did bend a few times to take plates or utensils which I keep in the kitchen cabinet

Yes I tried to squat instead of bending a few times

But I hope it doesn’t hurt the outcome

If I get a bfn this time , I’ll keep feeling guilty

Anyways thank you dear for the quick response 💕 😊


Hi. No you mustn't feel guilty, because your womb is too tucked away for any harm to come to it, so no guilt trips please! Diane


Thanks dear

Your words are really comforting ☺️


And I won’t blame myself and I will keep fighting

I still have one frozen embryo left


Hi, well I did nothing at all different other than not going to the gym after transfer. My job is very active I don’t sit down for 9 hours whilst there. I am 8dp5dt and got a BFP yesterday xx


Ohh that’s great 😃

Congratulations Ella

So you did home pregnancy test

My husband is asking me to take the test but I was reluctant

But I have to face it anyways


Congratulation!!! I think personally that the usual activity we do have to do whether house chores or usual work have nothing to do whether we do conceive or not. As Ella, I would not just sit and wait for the result in my case not possible too having 3yr old at home already. My son was conceived via IVF and at that time I was cycling -only weekends, i was even riding motorbike or walking swimming, pretty active whole pregnancy, and my son was born full term perfectly healthy.

I try to act as normal as possible otherwise I would get crazy, but this is me and if anyone feels to be more precautions this what you should do I guess for a sake of mind ....

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Thank you dear Anya

I will try to be calm and relaxed 😊

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Yep, I also carried on as normal and got a bfp. In fact I even slipped on ice and fell very hard at about 6 weeks and the baby is ok. If it is meant to be, they are very robust. Take care and good luck xxx

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Congratulations dear and thank you 😊


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