Still feeling Zoladex side effects during 2WW

So I am currently on day 3 of my 2WW. However I am still feeling the side effects of the Zoladex injections. I was on the Zoladex for 7 months before I started IVF. Throughout the IVF I was getting hot flushes - like I did through the 7 months on Zoladex - but I thought they'd stop by now.

However I am still getting hot flushes - as bad as ever. Worse in many ways. They are very strong.

I am concerned that the medication is still in my body and may harm my embryo? Is this possible?

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  • Hi SCB1703. Unfortunately, Zoladex can take a number of months for the side effects to completely subside. Your clinic will be aware that you took this medication, and wouldnโ€™t have risked going ahead with embryo transfer if your womb lining wasnโ€™t OK. Fingers crossed that all turns out to be positive. Diane

  • Okay, thanks Diane

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