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I'm just wondering if anyone else has had problems with spotting while on clomid? I am on 50mg and for the last two cycles I have spotted for two weeks before my period. When I went for my follicle scan last month aswell as telling me I have a large cyst on my left ovary he told me my womb lining is far to thin. I just wondered if any ladies had any advice? Thankyou so much xxx

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  • Hi Hun it could your cyst could be mid cycle bleeding. Are you having the cyst looked at? cysts normally go on their own accord but it does need to re scanned to make sure that happens. I had bleeding in between my periods that started in September last year. Long story cut short discovered my bleeding in between my periods was caused by a fibroid that was in the lining of my uterus which is going to be surgically removed as it's the cause of our infertility (was unexplained till then) I also was found to have a cyst on my right ovary but my general gynae consultant wasn't at all concerned over my cyst only the fibroid. I would urge to seek advice about the bleeding in between periods from your consultant or Dr it may be nothing to be worried over but best to get it looked at. X

  • Thanks I wondered if it might be the cyst. I've got to go back in to have a scan on the first day of my next period to see if the cyst has gone. I'm hoping it will off as I can't start another cycle of clomid until it's disapeared. Is a fibroid diagnosed through an ultrasound? xxx

  • Mine was diagnosed via transvaginal ultrasound. Yes they should be able to detect fibroids by ultrasound providing they are big enough to be seen mine was pretty small was 11mmx 12mm and was seen. I hope that reassures you. I think once fibroids start displaying symptoms they're big enough to be seen as unlike cysts that normally disappear without too much fuss fibroids continue to grow and don't stop till menopause.

    Hope your cyst has gone so you can crack on with trying ;) X

  • Hi Polly

    Previous to me going on the clomid my day 21 progesterone was always very low and they told me I ovulated sporadically they haven't tested it while I have been on the clomid it doesn't seem like something they seem to do at my hospital routinely, but I had wondered myself whether my progesterone level was the reason for spotting and whether I should ask for it to be tested on my next cycle? Xxx

  • Clomid can cause your lining to become thin which is why doctors recommend no longer than 6 cycles of it as after this it can be counter productive by not letting a fertilized egg implant. Did your doctor discuss any alternatives to Clomid? I also had cysts when I was on it, it's difficult to tell the difference between a cyst and a follicle on a scan, but my doctor was adamant I had cysts. I'm going through my first round of ICSI IVF now and took gonal F to stimulate the follicle growth- guess what? No cysts and a 7-8mm lining. Clomid is cheap and it does work for a lot of people, but if your lining is thin then it's probably worth asking if alternatives are available. The spotting could be your body getting used to the Clomid. I took progesterone tablets days 15-25 with each Clomid cycle and didn't have any spotting- not sure if that contributed or not. Good luck with everything and I hope you have success soon. X

  • Also, track your temperature when you're on Clomid to get an idea of when you're ovulating- sometimes Clomid can give false results on ovulation sticks.

  • Thanks Kernship that's very helpful I am going to ask about clomid alternatives when I go back in a week. Where you prescribed the progesterone tablets then to take with the clomid? The problem with my hospital is you never seem to see the same consultant twice so I always feel like I get very conflicting information and there a bit vague sometimes as well and they never have my medical notes so I always feel like I have to go over and over things. I don't know whether to request to be referred to another infertility clinic.

    That's helpful I have been using the ovulation strips to track my ovulation not tracking my temp and they are confusing, so I will start tracking my temperature aswell.

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