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Aloe vera juice while pregnant? Worried x

Hi all hope your well gor my 12 week scan next week and getting very nervous coming up to it so anything is making me panic - I was put on antibiotics for a UTI 50mg of nitrofurantoin 4x a day for 3 days so been worried about that and last night without checking if it was safe I had abit of aloe vera juice as read how good it is for you but I've actually read it can be linked to miscarriage so now I feel so worried that I could of caused damage to my little one really don't know what I would do if I lost this one , anyone got any advice ? Much appreciated hugs and baby dust xxx

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Hi herrys. I’m afraid I was always taught to avoid eating/drinking anything with aloe vera in when pregnant. However, it is still OK to use in creams for the skin. Hope all goes well with your scan next week, and of course, with the rest of your pregnancy. Diane


Thanks diane so many mixed reviews about it I only had a mouth full if that and with my history or miscarriages I've just over worried about it as I do everything! Fingers crossed all is okay next week x


I'm sure you will be fine! Diane

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