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First try

Hi there

I'm just starting out, we will be starting our Ivf shortly. I was wondering if many people suffered the side effects and whist impact it had on your everyday life. I'm struggling a little to take every thing in and no matter how much I read or ask our consultant things just don't seem to stick in.

Does anybody know or of or even happened to yourselves of ivf being successful first time.

Is it true what they St about the 2ww being hard and stressful.

Thank you inadvange for any replies xx

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im gonna be starting first ivf treatment soon aswell feeling the same ,

all the best for you x


Aww really it's so stressful isn't it one min I'm upset and then happy that te options there lol mixed emotions your prob going through the same feelings xx good luck and all the best chick :) xx


Hi, what protocol are you doing? Long or short? I did the short one last time, with menopur and cetratide, and apart from some bloating, I didn't really have many side effects. The bloating got worse towards the egg collection then settled down. The cetratide did cause a local skin reaction, which settled with a cold flannel. The 2ww is hard because it is difficult to focus on anything else. I stayed at home which probably made it worse but my work can be stressful and sometimes lifting so didn't want to take any risks. My advice for the 2ww would be to keep busy, don't overdo it though, do something you enjoy and can try to take your mind off it all. And look after yourself, try to relax. I wish you both the best x


Hi Little3535. I realise that this a very anxious time for you, but it’s not far away now, which is good to hear. Most ladies have some side effects when going through a cycle of treatment. Mostly revolve around mood swings and anxiety. Injection sites can become a bit sore, but you will soon get the hang of them. Quite a lot of toing and froing from clinics for blood tests and scans, which can be quite tiring. Because of this you need to make sure you are eating a good healthy diet and drink plenty of water. The treatment cycle can be quite stressful, but I’m sure you will find much support here from the other ladies. Your clinic will reassure you too. Yes, the 2WW can be a bit of a nightmare, as it seems like an eternity! Try not to test early and keep up with the progesterone pessaries/gel if it has been prescribed for you, rest when you can – but keep busy too – and don’t forget to drink loads! Good luck! Diane


Aww thanks for your good look messages guys :)

Not sure what protocol yet as my meeting to chose is next week, but was just getting an idea of what to expect really .... I'm going to try and work through it all save me being at home stressing out more because I'm clock watching lol x

But will take it easy when the times right :).

The waiting games horrible just for my apt dates to come round never mind when I've actually started.

Thank you so much for your advice it's all took on board x

Good luck to you all to xx


Hi there,

I am on the long protocol and for me the Buserlin gave me chronic headaches/migraines which did have an impact on my life getting out, socialising. The 2nd drug, Menopur wasn't too bad until the dosage was upped to 300 then I had horrendous nausea, which again meant I didn't really leave the house unless for the scans. Also had the bloated feeling and my belly did seem to swell. I am used to having my body and its symptoms interfering with every aspect of my life due to suffering from severe endometriosis. so for me it was another part of the continual interference I have had to live with for many many years.

Remember to alternate sides when injecting yourself to give each side a days rest and move the spot you inject in too.

But please do not let my side effects from the IVF drugs scare you! Everyone responds differently and some don't get any side effects. I hope you are one of those. I wish you all the best for your IVF. x x


Oh nooo you seem like you've gone through so much :( I hope you got some positive results at the end x thanks for letting me in on your journey, I'm just starting out so I don't really know what to expect but I am getting my eyes opened but all these comments and advice from different people xx

But I know it will all be worth it in the end :) xx

All the best thanks chick and thank you xx


You are more than welcome.

I think the not knowing and guess work of how your body is going to react to the whole process, what it is like etc is possibly the hardest. Because once you are in the process you just deal with it and try cope best you can.

This is my first IVF attempt which I started in March. Unfortunately mine is not going as smoothly. Have had some bumps along the way due to my body and the state it is in. Which has culminated this week with the egg collection. I had this on Wednesday which only produced 2 eggs, but thankfully these are both developing well! However the process has had to be stopped and my eggs will be frozen as an issue has come up with an ovary that needs investigating and may have a major impact. So hopefully one day (earliest being July) I will be able to start again on the short protocol and use my frozen embryos for transfer. Again not wanting to scare you as my case is rare and my body is a mess anyway.


I really sorry to hear your ride hasn't been as smooth as others and I hope you get a positive result in the end xx

I just keep thinkkng positive and thinking that I will be one of the lucky ones, I hate that I thought positive at the beginning when all the test were being followed out and hang didn't go down to well so I'm kinda scared for the end results but sometimes you have to hold on to hope xx

Have you got eggs frozen then, did you discuss how many eggs you wanted taken out and inserting back in xx sorry for being nosey I hope you don't mind xx


Yeh you're right all we can do is try be positive and hold on to hope when going through IVF. Please don't let my difficulties worry you for your attempt. I am a very small % and have had medical issues with my body for many years.

No need apologise for asking questions. If I can give answers, advice then I am more than happy to.

My embryos are currently cultivating and doing well thank goodness! So if got to blastocyst stage on Monday they will be frozen as that ideal time to so it as survive the freezing better. Haven't discussed if one or both will be used for the transfer when time comes. However I will still be covered by the NHS funding for this attempt and that says only 1 embryo can be transfered. This is my preference too. Plus means I have one in reserve for another attempt so I don't have to put my body through the ovary stimulation and egg collection stage again.


Hi I was on the long protocol & as already mentioned buserlin caused headaches, but this is one of my pms symptoms & buserlin puts you into a prolonged pms state. Menopur caused me to bloat but it also stopped my headaches so was a welcome relief. I found egg recovery the hardest & I was very glad I booked the 2ww off work, I was able to stay positive & found talking to my embryos comforting (although slightly crazy I guess).

Good luck x


Was it successful first time xx is your 2ww over now xx

I'm just thinking all the side effects are worth it in the end xx

Good luck xx


Yes for me I had first time success & I'm currently 6 was pregnant. Things I did which may or may not have helped were: while taking the drugs & during the 2ww I had a very high protein diet along with eating bags of spinach, & drank 3litres of water a day; while taking the drugs I used a hot water bottle on my stomach but while in the 2ww I kept my stomach uncovered when I could to stop it over heating. I also took a few lung filled deep breathes everyday to oxygenate my blood & uterus.

For me I think the biggest thing was to enjoy knowing that during the 2ww I was pregnant no matter what the end result and that kept me happy, positive & optimistic about the future. Good luck xx


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