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Waiting game GRI


Me and my hubby have been ttc for 2 long years now. We have had all the tests done and everything came back normal.

We had a referral to Glasgow royal infirmary in October 2014. I have heard different stories around their waiting times. I know the GRI have been through big changes in their fertility unit recently and at the point of referral they said 10-12 month wait. I was wondering if anyone is going through the same thing with GRI and could let me know their waiting times?


Cat xx

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Hiya Cat,

My husband and I are with GRI, we were referred in January, had an introduction appointmemt in March just telling us that there is a 12 month waiting list and that it will be from date of referal.

Nothing much else happened then and I've had a letter just confirming referal date. Nothing much else.

You are a little further along than me you must be hoping for some correspondence soon?


Hello Cat!

We were referred to the GRI by my GP in April 2014. That's my local hospital so I had only had a blood test at my GPs at the point of referral. We had our initial tests done privately at the GCRM as it was a 9-10 month wait for tests at GRI.

We finally had our first GRI appointment in Jan 2015, as the tests were all done and we had been ttc for 2 years we were told we would be put on the waiting list for IVF. They have a 12 month guarantee (I.e. we were told we would start IVF within the year) but the waiting list then was approx 9 months.

We were given the option to transfer treatment to Dundee or Edinburgh to be seen quicker. Dundee had the shortest wait so we went there. We had an appointment to do blood tests and consent forms in March. Last week I was told we're at the top of the waiting list and should start in May! I'm not sure if transferring is an option for you?

It's been a long two years but it does feel like things are moving forward pretty quickly now. It's exciting but also nerve racking!

Good luck! x


Hi, thanks to both of you for replying. We had all the blood/ semen tests don't at our GP and we went privately at GCRM to get the dye test. We then met with Dr Vani at the Victoria who referred us to GRI in October. I think at the time if they had offered us Dundee or edinburgh I would have taken it but they didn't. I am probably best waiting it out for GRI now as it will hopefully be only another few months although every month feels like a year at the mo!!

Good luck to both of you.. Hopeful I am sure it is very exciting/ nerve wracking being at the top of the list!! Baby dust to both of you xx


Thank you! When we were at the GRI they said Dundee and Edinburgh just let them know when they have space so they might have been full in Oct. I don't think you will have long to wait now.

Take care x


Hi, just thought I would let you know that I received the "top of the list" letter on sat. We have our 1st appointment on June 9th and second june 18th. Very excited and nervous! Happy that we will finally be getting help but nervous that it doesn't work😁. Trying to keep positive tho xx


Great news Hhmcct! I know exactly what you mean about the mixture of excitement and nerves! I'm just waiting on Aunt Flo to arrive so we can get started! Best of luck with your appointments x


Finding this thread exciting and hopeful as we were referred to GRI in january 2015 and thought we wouldn't hear anything until January 2016.

I'm glad you have reached the top of the list Hhmcct and hope your appointments go well :)


Thanks Stella79. We have our first appointment tomorrow evening where they are taking bloods and swabs. its a relief to know that someone is finally going to help. I know chances are still slim but trying to remain positive.

I can update you what happens at the appointment if you like?



So I have been to my first appointment at GRI. The staff were lovely and very down to Earth. She took some bloods and a vaginal swab. Hoping to start in August.

We are not big drinkers but have both been advised to stop drinking alcohol asap as they like to to be t total for 3 months prior to starting although I have not seen this on any leaflets .

we also took all test results that we have had so far which I would recommend as they appreciated it for all records and I didnt need to repeat some of the tests.



Hello Hhmcct, that's great news about your appointment. I was first seen at the GRI in Jan. we ended up being referred to ninewekls in Dundee as at thst time their waiting list was shorter. But, I started the first of my IVF meds today! Very exciting. It feels like it's come around really quickly from the first appointment so I hope it's the same for you. Good luck x


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