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First time ivf....advice please GRI


Hi there I am due to receive my down reg on 14th June at gri and I’m still not sure what to expect if anyone could share their experiences with me

I’m 32 and been ttc with my partner also 32 for 4 years to no avail

I’ve never had a pregnancy - my partners sperm is fine and my Amh is 11

I’m thinking the worst part about ivf for me is the dreaded thought of it not working And seeing bfn once again I’m not so fussed about the procedure just the thought of failure - anyone else?

I’m new to this and any help or Info would be appreciated xxx

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Hi Stacey! I’m in the same boat! Wishing you all the luck! We start reg down on the 12th. Which clinic are you at? X

Hi Claire

I’m at Glasgow royal infirmary clinic - what one are you at ?

Good luck to u 💗 xx

Nurture in Nottingham. Xx. I’m guessing our processes are the same x

WeeJacs in reply to Staceymcn47

Down reg is an injection, you should have a bleed around the same time you are expecting it. You will then attend for a lining scan after your bleed then start nasal spray then you stimm injections xx

I’ve heard a few old wife’s tales for after the transfer:

Wear socks after

Drink lots of water

Eat McDonald fries (for the salt)

Thanks Claire alley I will keep these in mind!

Also heard somewhere wearing orange underwear as well 😂

I’m at stage al try anything haha x

Thank u- I’m trying my best to stay positive so hard when used to let downs- but doing my best xx

Hi Stacy, I'm also in Glasgow, although not at GRI. Once you start down - regs the time will fly by. The whole procedure takes about 4 weeks from starting the down regs. Good luck! x

Thank you - just feeling slightly overwhelmed with it all - feel like I have waited forever for it to start xx

I picked up my drugs today and then got shown how to do the injection and just had my 1st one. Was nothing to worry about at all. I then have to go back the 21st for a scan to see if it's all clear before I start the stimming drugs where after a few days you have more scans to check follicle growth and decide if you need moreor less medication. Someone on here explained it really well withbthe first part being putting yourself in an induced menopause then waking everything back up again. Like rebooting a computer I suppose! I'm on long protocol which it only slightly longer than the short. I think on short you just miss out the down regulation. Hope all goes well for you. Baby dust for everyone about to start. Hoping we all get a positive outcome xx

Staceymcn47 in reply to CC2018

Thanks for your reply - I’m just little uncertain about what each stage entails

I’m hoping when I go for my down reg next they will explain each step a little better xx


Hi Hun, wishing you so much luck with your first cycle. I found the whole IVF process ok physically & once I got started time flew by. I was pretty convinced it would not be successful but I think I tried to tell myself if it didn't work at least I had tried. I was lucky & didn't have to face a BFN but think if I had then I would have been beyond gutted, however we find the strength given time to pick ourselves up & carry on fighting 😘 all the best! Xx

Staceymcn47 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your reply - lovely advice I just need to try and have more positive thoughts xx

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