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Bleeding 1st month pregnancy

Hi everybody, i really need to share this with someone... I have endometriosis and PCO, TTC for 2 years now. Last week, I did 4 hpt, they all came back positive although super faint. Completely over the moon, planning on how to announce hubby, I was super happy.

On Sunday (my birthday!), 2 days after my periods would have been due, I started bleeding and cramping. I went to the doctor on Monday who told me straight away "either you miscarried , or you were simply not pregnant". They did a pregnancy test and said after about 30secs that it was negative, they didn't even check again. Of course I started crying and insisted on having blood tests done to test hcg levels.

They came back positive, so I was right. But I'm still bleeding with big clots. Waiting for repeat blood test results now.

Not sure if I'm still pregnant or if I lost the pregnancy. Feeling really down.

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Hunni I am really sorry to hear your news And I feel sorry how you were treated by your doctors surgery. That is appalling and should be reported.

I had very heavy bleeding when I was about 7 weeks preg with my now 16 year old son. I bleed so much I didn't think it would be possible to still be pregnant. Really surprised to see a healthy baby at my scan! My sister also bled and had a healthy baby. Some woman do bleed and have healthy babies And obviously for some it is sadly a miscarriage. Hope you get some good news. Am thinking of you and sending lots of hugs and love your way. Xxx


I'm sorry for what you are going through. I had positive tests theselast 2 rounds aas well and then lost them. If your blood work says yes, they will probably request another shortly to confirm whether the pregnancy is progressing or not. Also to check for ectopic.

Be easy on yourself, you've done nothing wrong.


Thank you Jess1981 and Filmgirl101, fingers crossed.

Another day passed and my GP still didn't give me the results for my repeat HCG blood tests, told me to call tomorrow.

And to top it off, I'm going to our first appointment at the fertility clinic tomorrow morning, to possibly arrange for surgery (endometriosis and PCO) and discuss my "options". Took me 5 months to get this appointment but in the end, they won't be able to do much as we don't know what's going on, if I'm pregnant still or if I miscarried.

Good news or bad news, I'll keep you posted.


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