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Where is 2015 going?

Hi Ladies,

I am at work, have had to book a meeting and literally can not believe we are nearly half way through April already!!! How did that even happen! I have been so focused on the next appointment, blood test, scan, consultation, letter to arrive, that I feel like I haven't seen any of 2015 yet!

Because I am useless at waiting, I'm making plans for every weekend possible, which I think is also making the time fly by but it only seems like it was Christmas 2 seconds ago!

I have now had all my drugs delivered and am waiting for my period to start so I can start taking the pill for my egg sharing process. So, I finally feel like it's all about to start happening which is very exciting. Hopefully in a couple of months, myself and another lady just as eager to become a Mummy will be pregnant with teeny tiny little miracles.

I am making a new resolution to myself to take a moment every now and again and appreciate all I have.

Wishing everyone all the best of luck with their treatment. This site is such an amazing support! :-) <3


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Are you going throug egg donation? How are you finding it?


Hi Lollipop15, Yes I am. I am due to start the pill this week. For me, so far there have been no difficulties and it has been very straight forward so far (touch wood) :-)


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