The start is nearly here

So got some medicine today ready to start first round of ivf just waiting my period which should be any day now.

I normally am quite upbeat and positive about the situation but some days I just get a little tearful and sad but try to remain positive for me and my partner and also feel like I have to be strong about it all in front of my mum as I don't want her to worry about me.

This site is a great help though.:)

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  • I was the same, think seeing the drugs makes it all very real. I kept thinking 'why me?' - just keep focusing on the next hurdle- period arrival - little steps makes it easier to cope with. Good luck & keep reminding yourself of your goal πŸ€ x

  • It's a roller coaster ride jupiter1234 but it's okay to feel all these different emotions. We can't be upbeat & positive all of the time and the people closest to us know that. Once I actually started my treatment all my negative thoughts seemed to up & leave, I think I felt better because I was actually doing something to achieve my dream instead of waiting around. I'm trying to be as positive as I can just now (but at the same time remain realistic) and this keeps me happy and makes life pleasant for everyone around me. Good Luck :-) x x

  • Thankyou it's so nice to know that everyone feels these emotions xx

  • our drugs should arrive tomorrow and we have an appointment at the clinic tomorrow to learn about taking the injections. Then I guess its just a waiting game until my period starts. I'm trying to take one appointment at a time, but its all getting very real. Its our first IVF cycle, so a little scared too, as I'm not at all good with all the internal exams. But like my hubby says we just take one step at a time. Loving hearing all your stories, it gives me a big bust of hope and makes me feel like I'm not the only one going through this.

  • Thanks :)

    I hope yours goes well.

    It's my first time too xx

  • When do you start. Sounds like we'll be going through our journey together

  • Just waiting for my period which should be any day now you x

  • Ahh ok. I still got a few weeks before I start my period. So I'll be behind you. Hopefully we cn go through the journey together

  • Yes it'll be great to kind of go through it with someone.

    If you don't mind me asking how come your going through ivf x

  • I'm on my first too - started down-reg a few weeks ago and got the baseline appt on Monday. i was really teary before I started but feeling positive now. I'm glad I'm doing something but I worry how it'll feel over the next few weeks when the real stuff happens. Good luck though - just take each step as it comes. Kx

  • Good luck with yours too.

  • ive had a call today ive got an information session next month can anyone advise what it will be about and will i get the medicine after? feeling scared and been quite emotional trying to stay positive, only found out this week that ivf only option for me and my partner

  • Will it be your first proper meeting if so I doubt you'll get the medicine.

    They'll probably just talk to you about the whole process.

    It's all fresh at the moment so give it time to sink in it does get easier I know when I found out in February I was an emotional wreck.

  • hi jupiter i went to see the doctor then i had a chat with the nurse ,when i spoke to the clinic manager she said they would discuss everything af the information session hows it all going for you? x

  • Yes I had a meeting like that where they spoke in great detail about everything.

    All going well at the moment just waiting for my period to start xx

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