Egg collection Thursday

Had such awful cramping today, am on day 14 of menopur. had a scan this afternoon and have at least 13 follicles the biggest was up to 24mm!!! All ready for trigger injection tonight - then egg colelction Thursday!!! This is not our last chance for a baby no 2.... this is just our best chance!! I'm so excited and my fingers are crossed for our future!! what ever the outcome we have tried our best!! 😊

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  • I have mine tomorrow morning ... Dont know what to think or feel .. Cant change nothing now .. What is to happen will happen .. We are ready for good or bad x the best of luck to you and all future mams x

  • Ah good luck tomorrow hope it all goes well!! I can't belive how big my follicles have grown! X x

  • Best of luck to both of you ladies. Hope all goes really well xxx

  • Thank you so much x

  • Good luck with your collection today x

  • Thank you! X x

  • How did your egg collection go Lucyireland26, I hope you're feeling okay? I had my trigger injection at midnight last night and have my egg collection tomorrow. I have 12 follicles (not as big as yours lol), my biggest was 20mm. I feel a bit apprehensive about the egg collection procedure but overall I feel quite positive and I'm allowing myself to feel a little bit excited at what might happen x x

  • Ah good luck Hun will be thinking of you!!! I'm still sureently sat in my room with my husband waiting to go down!!! Agh hate this bit lol ! Will be thinking of you let me know how you get on!! It's so exciting!!! We have waiting so long for this!! X x

  • Aw sorry I thought you'd already had your egg collection, I got mixed up with my days. Best of luck. I'll be thinking of you so let me know how it goes. I have it all to look forward to tomorrow. I'm feeling really excited too :-) x x x

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