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Help wanted

Hi guys was just wondering if anyone can help me out. I want to be inseminated in November this year. So does anyone know when I would have to book my appointments and consultations with a clinic Im going private so know the clinic I want to go to, but don't want to leave it to late and dont want to do it to early. Any help or advice would be great.

Thanks guys xxxxxx

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As I don't know how long all the tests and things take any help would be great thanks. Xxx


I think it depends on what tests you will need to have. I went for my first appointment at a private clinic a month ago and they did all the test then and there. All I needed was an ultrasound and a bloodtest. I have endometriosis and a history of ectopic pregnancy so I suppose they knew more from my surgical reports then they would from any tests. Then they just talked me through what an IVF cycle entails and told me to call on the first day of my next period when I was ready to start. My husband had to have a sperm analysis done but that only took two days to get his results. Hope this helps.


Oh right thanks that's helped a lot! I guess I'll just ring sometime soon then see where it goes! Hope all your treatment goes well! 😊 xxx


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