We floated past the clinic that we might want to have two embryos transferred but they are good quality donor embryos so we read the paperwork and decided to stick with one and try two next time if this time didn't work. I spoke to the doctor at the last scan and said we only wanted one transferred but they have decorated two when there wa last no need to do this. Why would you do? Shall we have both transferred even though there will be a high risk of twin pregnancy? I hate to think of a good embryo perishing. Am annoyed at the clinic for not discussing properly with us. Will discuss with docs when we get there but not sure that will help! Xx

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  • This is a hard decision. I have asked about having 2 put back in, however clinic have advised 1 on first try. If I could have two put back I would as all my friends have all had successful pregnancies when 2 have been transferred instead on 1, and only 1 friend out of 3 ended up with twins. It is such a hard decision to make. Clinic told me that with it being Doner the chances of success are naturally higher, so that's why they want to try first round with 1. Have they advised why they want you to have 2? xx

  • Hi thank you for your reply. We've not discussed with the dr yet. Waiting to go in. We had a failed transfer before and we're going to try 2 next time if it doesn't work this time. I think we will go with 2 if they will let us now that they've been defrosted. That's good to know your friends had success that way. I do worry because I'm over 40 too but I'll see what the dr says in a bit. Good luck with yours Hun xx

  • What a nightmare for you can totally understand your dilemma, I had 2 embryos transferred for both my FET. Good luck on whichever you decide x

  • I had 1 put back on my first DE cycle and it failed, then on my 2nd DE cycle I had two put back they both took but I lost one at 8 weeks but am 20 weeks with the other remaining one xxx

  • Thank you ladies. Apparently they can be refrozen but we'd sort of got our heads around having 2 transferred so we've gone for that and will see what happens. Fingers crossed. One of them didn't want to come out of the catheter (twice) but they got there in the end (third time lucky). Hopefully that's a super sticky one! And so the 2 week wait begins!! Xx

  • Hi,

    Everyone feels different and you will know what is best for you and discuss it for as long as you need when your there xx take your time with your decision xx

  • Thanks Kelly - we decided to go with 2 in the end. And now the tww. Thanks for your support xx

  • So pleased for you x you will know from yourself that for you, you have made the right decision x good luck πŸ˜€xx

  • Best of luck! I was going to say we hope to put 2 back I see you've decided to go for it!!xx

  • I had two embryos implanted and this is my first ivf attempt and presently I am way into my second trimester with a healthy baby. One of the embryos did not make it this far. Good luck with your journey xx

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