Finally some good news!!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update as im so excited and i never thought after last time that i would hear the words come out of the nurses mouth but i had my final scan today and they have booked me in for EC collection on tuesday!!!

my left ovary they think has something wrong with it as it has not taken to the drugs, but they were really happy with my right one which i've got over 20 on that are at good size so they advised its a good think that the left hasnt taken so well as i would be going down the ohss line.

so last tonights of injecting and then my tummy can have a rest and trigger injection to be done sunday 9pm!!

So here goes on to the next hurdle....

Thank you all for everyones support so far and im sending you all luck going forward for 2017 xxx

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  • good luck! Exciting times! Let us know how EC goes xx

  • Thank you I will do xx

  • Fantastic news. Sounds like you've got plenty of lovely follicles. Good luck for egg collection xx

  • thank you lovely, yes i have got quite a few we just dont want me to ohs but fingers crossed its going to be fine. so chuffed with the out come today as i was so worried. xx

  • Yippee so happy for you. Hope the ec goes well


  • Thank you so much. Im literally sat at work beaming for ear to ear!!xx

  • Such fab news :0)Hope EC goes well, keep us updated xxx

  • thank you i will do. xxx

  • good luck with EC and transfer xx

  • thank you very much xx

  • Wow! Absolutely amazing news- 20 mature. So pleased for you. I'm there on Monday so may see you!x

  • I'm in Tuesday Hun xxx

  • Wow! That's great news Best of luck for EC keeping ever thing crossed for you xx

  • Thank you lovely xx

  • Good luck!! exciting things to come xxx

  • I literally am so excited xxx

  • Oh brilliant news!! Fingers crossed for next week. Glad you got your EC booked in :) Remember to take it easy afterwards x

  • Super exciting news, what a fab number of follies! Best of luck to you lovely. Keep that positive vibe going. Xx 😊

  • Thank you lovely, im actually getting very nervous now lol, this time tomorrow tho the EC will have been done :-)


  • Sorry for the delayed response, I bet you're at the hospital now. Hope the nerves have quelled for you and you're in a good place for your big day! Xx

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