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IVF cancelled

Hi everyone, just after a bit of advice. We had our first IVF cancelled yesterday as my follicles had not grown enough after 10 days stimming. The news wasn't too bad as it was due to starting on a very low doseage (I have a very high AMH). Anyway we have new drugs and are all ready to go again. I just need my next period! Has anyone know how long it will take to arrive after finishing the drugs? The clinic said about 2 weeks so I'm hoping this is the case.

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Hi sorry to hear your first ivf was cancelled ... Every step is risk that this will happen and i am so scared it might to me as well.. My AMH was over 60 what was yours x good tho u can start again straight away .. Hope u lucky second time xx


Thanks for the reply. My AMH was 40. They told me it is high but have no idea what the average is. Just want my period to hurry up so I can start again!


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